Venatrix: The Huntress

So, I have had this MOC built for a while now, and even had pictures for almost a month, but I've been kind of hesitant to post it. The thing is, I tend not to do super complex and custom MOCs, yet I really like how they turn out. So yes, this is a simple design compared to what some other demi-god MOCists make, but it's one of my favorites. Ideas for improvement greatly appreciated.

Putting the spear to good use.

A few simple poses for a good look at the build.

"I know you're there."


Meh, I like it. Hip armor is a bit dodgy though.

It's alright, I like the torso and the legs.

Colors are nice, except for the green head. Maybe make that black or add in more green.

Everything else looks sort of awkward, I'm not a fan of using whole pre-bent limb pieces as only half an arm....

Aww, when I saw this I was hoping for a female counterpart for Umarak, but this moc isn't too bad I suppose, the limbs are very thin in comparison to the thick torso. And some of the design choices are odd.

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It looks a bit odd. but its ok. How many mocs have you done before?

Ummm... You stole that name and title, didn't you? This was mine (the name and title). You can have it, though, looks great. Also, I love the almost camo color scheme :smile:

Yeah, that armor's been there for so long that I forgot it was there.

The head is green because I don't have the Vahki head in any other color. I'm trying out adding more green pieces right now.

Sorry to get your hopes up. I'll try a thinner torso.

Actually, I've never seen your MOC before. I'm guessing we both just went to the same place with the same idea, and thanks!

Thanks for all the replies! You guys brought up a lot of stuff that I hadn't thought of, and I'll be taking into consideration for an updated version.

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