Ven's Comics | V.4

Oh how I missed these…

Glad to see a rebirth of this series with V.4, can’t wait to see what you got planned Ven :slight_smile:

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Right, all caught up now.

In my opinion: fantastic. Absolutely fantastic and if you get the reference you can have a cookie :stuck_out_tongue:

The passion you have poured into this is palpable, and it was absolutely a blast to read it all through and watch it grow from a silly and charming little skit series into a full-blown narrative that was genuinely awesome if a little cliche at times, but I’m a sucker for that anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I will continue to follow this with interest, you sir have gained a fan :stuck_out_tongue:

ZAHAKI! Good to hear from ya, ol’ chum. The series missed you too. =p

Thanks! That really means a lot. It’s definitely been a passion project from the start, so I’m glad you appreciate that aspect, despite the cliches in the plot. (I must have been a sucker for cliches too lol)

Also… Was that a ‘Doctor Who’ reference? I used to actually hear a lot of those back in the days when I made these comics, funny enough.

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It actually was, good one! :stuck_out_tongue:

And here is your promised cookie :cookie:

Another new comic for ~V.3~.

Comic 270: Inner Turmoil

Stick around to see what happens next.


I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on.

Good luck, my dude. Here’s another ~V~ comic you can add to the list.

Comic 65: Jedibot is Hired!


Thanks Jed SeemsGood

If only he could know that I don’t view him like he’s a problem. Like he’s uncool. Like he’s a DISEASE. : ’ (

New ~V.4~ comic!

Comic 3 | Nowhere


See, the issue here is he stayed on the road. I’m almost certain that if he starts walking towards those mountains… Well… I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

It’s nothing… OR IS IT!?

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I started getting that old buzz to start asking to Guest Star in other people’s comics.

I can’t resist lol.

Ven, can I GS in your comics? Here’s my sprite sheet: Ganto

(I’m just joking around like a garbage pile you don’t have to at all.)


So your making pixel comics?

Do you have a good sense of direction for the plot or is this gonna be a write what feels good kind of plot?

Also what is going on with the yellow character’s head? (I’m not at all informed on symbiote stuff).

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what a pleasant surprise

that new spidey sprite is hot. i’m liking these first three so far, clean slate. your comics are what got me into art in the first place, i’m glad to see you coming back to them

best of luck with v.4

Yes, I welcome guest stars, as many as can be. You can be the first!

Yes, sir! I don’t really have a concrete plan for V.4, so it will be more of a “write what feels good” kind of plot. Donna has a lot of hair.

Good to hear from you again, Cal!

Speaking of pleasant surprises, holy.

Welcome back, buddy! First Cal, and now you? The surprise reappearances keep getting better. Hope you’ll stick around to see the finale I have planned for V.3.

Updates will arrive soon. Had a bunch of personal stuff and other projects piling onto me lately but just for everyone’s information, I do plan to put up more comics within the month.


This is me asking to guest star. Chimoru R sprite template modified by a friend.

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But the kit needs to be made with RZ :open_mouth:



nno this is fine

i’ll make it work


Seeing people asking for GS reminds me of the good old days, and that I too should, seeing I loved these all those years ago…
I couldn’t recall if I ever did in its original run, looking back through them and I remembered that yes I indeed did as what I could only imagine as a Vahki(haha, old joke) Liberian.
Then to my surprise(had completely forgot) there was another where our freindly neighborhood Spidy pulls me out of his pants…
AND with that, I decide it’s better off leaving it as that. Who knows where Ven would pull him or any other GS out of next.

(I kinda see there’s is no real point to this post, BUT it’s a nice trip down memory lane and it stays on Topic… and it’s 2 in the morning xp)

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Speaking of guest stars…

Comic 4 | Threat Incoming

A very special cat. :smiley:


I’m a simple man:

I see cat, I click like. :stuck_out_tongue: