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Welcome to V.4

Comic 1 | Strangers
Comic 2 | A Familiar Face
Comic 3 | Nowhere
Comic 4 | Threat Incoming
Comic 5 | The Can in the Ice

V.4 is a brand new comic series I’ll be working whenever I have some free time and new ideas to explore. I have a different direction in mind that I want to take with this iteration of the comics. Though they will be set long after the events of my old comic series, you will NOT need prior knowledge of them to understand and enjoy this series.

V.3 Continued

Updated, Completed 1/15/21
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage FULL COMIC
Epilogue, Part 1
Epilogue, Part 2

Comic 267: Eljay and his Symbiote
Comic 268: The Wait is Over
Comic 269: Surrender or Feed
Comic 270: Inner Turmoil
Comic 271: A Moment Too Long
Comic 272: Venom Makes A Move
Comic 273: One Deadly Distraction
Comic 274: Hybrid Confronts Carnage
Comic 275: One Messy Night
Comic 276: Something Overhead
Comic 277: Qwerty’s Awakening, Part 1
Comic 278: Qwerty’s Awakening, Part 2
Comic 279: Qwerty’s Awakening, Part 3
Comic 280: Quantum Something
Comic 281: Strength
Comic 282: The Carnage Internship
Comic 283: Cheer Up
Comic 284: Carnage’s Team Assembled
Comic 285: Strong Connections
Comic 286: Change of Plans
Comic 287: The Trip to Klyntar, Part 1
Comic 288: The Trip to Klyntar, Part 2
Comic 289: The Trip to Klyntar, Part 3
Comic 290: Return to Aku-Magna
Comic 291: Comic Land Intel
Comic 292: Making Preparations
Comic 293: Return to Babylon City
Comic 294: Does It Work?
Comic 295: The Backup Plan
Comic 296: We Are Venom
Comic 297: Return to the Comic Land
Comic 298: Meanwhile at Carnage HQ
Comic 299: The Battle of Comic City
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 1
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 2
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 3
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 4
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 5
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 6
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage, Part 7
Comic 300: Venom vs. Carnage FULL COMIC
Epilogue, Part 1
Epilogue, Part 2

V.3 was the indicator that I had surpassed 200 comics during the series’ original run. It became a mostly plot-driven comic, as I originally intended to end the series with a bang… But instead it kind of died with a whimper.

While I never finished V.3, I did plan out the whole finale in a word document. All the ideas are there, just waiting to become actual comics. Most of it had to be rewritten from memory, and it also needed some revising for the sake of telling a more cohesive story and making a more natural transition into V.4.

Once I have reached Comic 300, V.3 will be complete, and V.4 will be my only project.

If you have never read my old comics, don’t worry. I don’t blame you. There’s 266 of them, they are really old, most did not age well, and some required Marvel comic book knowledge to fully grasp. Just stick with the new content, and everything you need to know should be clear.

But… I mean, if you are actually interested…
Check out the archive down below this post.

Thank you to all my internet friends and acquaintances who have followed and supported the series during the original run. In retrospect, I’ve gotten a lot of help, motivation, ideas, and resources from you guys to make this series as fun and awesome as I could, and I do appreciate it. It made me more invested in story-telling, illustration, and the little nerdy hobbies I enjoy to this day. I hope that some of you are reading this just to join me in revisiting our little niche history.

Newcomers, thank you for humoring me. This whole thing meant a great deal to me back in the day when sprite comics were popular, so it’s incredibly nostalgic for me to revisit this, and honestly, quite fun to give it another go.

I hope to continue keeping you guys entertained with whatever fun ideas I come up with.

Thanks for reading!

Sprites used in the comics were produced by myself and many others as contributions to Rahi Zaku’s BIONICLE sprite kit.


Full Imgur Gallery, All Comics 2008 - 2022

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ARCHIVE (2008 - 2012)

Note: There are a few broken links. Links that I have caught will be noted as “LOST”, but there are still others I have to sift through. I’ve started remaking these lost comics, which will also be noted as “REMADE”.

January 2008 - October 2008

Comic 1: Da Intro!
Comic 2: When you mix RedBull and Pills…
Comic 3: Bad Beasty, PGS: Lewa Johnson!
Comic 4: I AM A MAN!!, PGS: Jordboy1!
Comic 5: Rambo got my Corn Dog…
Comic 6: Crouching Rambo, Hidden Venom!
Comic 7: When you drink Dona’s RedBull…
Comic 8: Lewa Johnson’s Amazing Power…
Comic 9: I don’t Like U, PGS: Roffel Rocks!
Comic 10: Venom Beats Up Avak!
Comic 11: Venom VS. Kofu, the Pet Rock!,PGS: Red Apostrophe!
Comic 12: When Dona likes someone… GS: Boxorak!
Comic 13: Dona’s Secret, Part 1
Comic 14: Dona’s Secret, Part 2
Comic 15: Venom Gets Real!
Comic 16: The Package, Co-Author Blu3! REMADE
Comic 17: Dona’s Secret, Part 3
Comic 18: Revenge Tactics REMADE
Comic 19: Revenge of the former Co-Authors!, PGS ~Toa Lewa Nuva~ and Jedi Bot 1.0!
Comic 20: Blu3’s Suggestions REMADE
Comic 21: The Sneak Attack, PGS: Hyper!
Comic 22: Valentine’s Day!
Comic 23: R.I.P. Beliwa
Comic 24: Ikkad Joins ENCA
Comic 25: Free Fall REMADE
Comic 26: Time, GS: Dot.Dude as Biodude123!
Comic 27: Blu3’s Suggestions, Part 2 REMADE
Comic 28: Explosion Commotion!
Comic 29: Next Up, LEGO
Comic 30: The Vortex Of Reassembly!
Comic 31: Revenge of the Jedi Bot: Part I
Comic 32: WE FAST!, PGS: discombobulated in action, Atconic Rex, and Hukster!
Comic 33: Revenge of the Jedi Bot: Part II
Comic 34: Revenge of the Jedi Bot: Part III
Comic 35: Poor, poor Tom
Comic 36: Troublemaker REMADE
Comic 37: Cup O’ Hot Chocolate
Comic 38: Blu3’s Suggestions, Part 3
Comic 39: Rofle’s Afro, PGS: Chirox El Aereo Habitante!
Comic 40: Venom: Ladiesman Extraordinare
Comic 41: A Big Fuss Over a Small Thing…GS: Ontez: Toa Of Fire!
Comic 42: April Fools!
Comic 43: Dating REMADE
Comic 44: Donna’s Obsession
Comic 45: Carnage’s New Invention
Comic 46: Baby Mania
Comic 47: What will we do now?
Comic 48: Spidey accuses, Venom loses!
Comic 49: Venom SO did it…
Comic 50: Nope.
Comic 51: History
Comic 52: Biodude123 bursts, Chirox Curses!
Comic 53: Venom’s Visit/The New Studio
Comic 54: My lawyer, PGS: Dark709!
Comic 55: Wobbufet!
Comic 56: Off the hook…
Comic 57: AH!
Comic 58: BLU3 Got Hit By A Robot
Comic 59: Ripper Rises: Part 1
Comic 60: Ripper Rises: Part 2
Comic 61: Ripper Rises: Part 3
Comic 62: Ripper Rises: Part 4
Comic 63: Hapori Tohu’s Visit REMADE
Comic 64: Stupid Rock REMADE
Comic 65: Jedibot is Hired! REMADE
Comic 66: Back to Babies!
Comic 67: Toxin’s Arrival…
Comic 68: Baby Terror, Part 1 REMADE
Comic 69: Baby Terror, Part 2 REMADE
Comic 70: Baby Terror, Part 3 REMADE
Comic 71: No More Babies REMADE
Comic 72: Noob Killer, GS’s: Kabutops Man and Kotahn!
Comic 73: Dona’s Surprise
Comic 74: Tom’s News
Comic 75: Venom’s Host
Comic 76: ~V~ gets ready for The Dark Knight!
Comic 77: BLU3’s New Look
Comic 78: The Truth
Comic 79: Newborn/Qwerty time
Comic 80: GREMLIN!
Comic 81: The New Venom: Thanox Part 1 REMADE
Comic 82: The New Venom: Thanox Part 2 REMADE
Comic 83: The New Venom: Thanox Part 3 REMADE
Comic 84: The New Venom: Thanox Part 4 REMADE
Comic 85: The New Venom: Thanox Part 5 REMADE
Comic 86: WEEGEE.
Comic 88: DA got bored…
Comic 89: Bye Weegee!
Comic 90: Qwerty… Dead?
Comic 91: Hybrid Remembers… GS: D-Shadow!
Comic 92: Carnage’s Secret
Comic 93: Massacre Meets the Cast REMADE
Comic 94: Mission Impossible, Venom Protocol REMADE
Comic 96: BATMAN!!!
Comic 97: Visual Changes, GS: Ganto and Ghid! REMADE
Comic 98: The Boredom Ultimatum REMADE
Comic 100: SEASON FINALE Part 2

October 2008 - October 2009

Comic 101: Great, Another Intro…
Comic 102: PAYBACK!!! PGS: Kohu toa of Greatness!
Comic 103: The good, the bad, and the disembodied head with an iPod, PGS: Gotrek!
Comic 104: Cannibal Rises, PGS: Dr. Khols!
Comic 105: I AM A DOCTAAA! PGS: Johnuva!
Comic 106: Wishes Can Come True After All… PGS: Jahli and Gatotak!
Comic 107: Guess Who’s Back!?
Comic 108: Carna-wotsit
Comic 109: If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself…
Comic 110: Tom or Malice?
Comic 111: Mini Moose DEFEND, PGS: Boxorak!
Comic 112: Muertos, Venom’s freakishly HUGE brother, PGS: Cyber-JM!
Comic 113: Never bug your FREAKISHLY HUGE brother on the phone…
Comic 114: What does the ‘D’ stand for? PGS: D-Shadow!
Comic 115: The cat has 9 lives anyway… PGS: Lewajohnson Toa of Mangosteen!
Comic 116: Grawl…?
Comic 117: Monologue-ing
Comic 118: Canni-Ballistic, Part 1! REMADE
Comic 119: Canni-Ballistic, Part 2! REMADE
Comic 120: Canni-Ballistic, Part 3! REMADE
Comic 121: Canni-Ballistic, Part 4! REMADE
Comic 122: Canni-Ballistic, Part 5! REMADE
Comic 123: Mera-Tan–bam
Comic 124: Many Form–bam
Comic 125: Deja-Vu
Comic 127: Stampede?
Comic 128: Many forms of Mera
Comic 129: The new symbiotes: Toxic and Monster Ock! (Not Really…)
Comic 130: Car Accident
Comic 131: TOXIC IS HERE
Comic 132: Spider-man, and that six-armed FREAK, PGS: Gavla!
Comic 133: Gavla’s Confusion
Comic 134: WE’RE A DOCTAA!!
Comic 135: You need to BELIEVE…
Comic 136: Lookin’ Good!
Comic 137: Mini Moose’s LAZAAAHHH!!! GS: Mephisroth!
Comic 138: Doppelganger Needs a Band-Aid
Comic 139: Dorks have GREAT lives…
Comic 140: Who’s there?
Comic 141: All in the Name REMADE
Comic 142: An interview with Dr. Octagonapus
Comic 143: Nice comeback, six-arms…
Comic 144: Boxorak’s Christmas Adventure! Part 1
Comic 145: Boxorak’s Christmas Adventure! Part 2
Comic 146: Venom: Ladies Man Extraordinare STRIKES AGAIN! GS: Janaro and Elite Spartan!
Comic 147: Carnage’s New Slave, GS: Toa Kodan!
Comic 148: Carnage’s Secret Side Plan
Comic 149: Twilight Part 1
Comic 150: Twilight Part 2
Comic 151: Twilight Part 3
Comic 152: Twilight Part 4
Comic 153: Twilight Part 5
Comic 154: Twilight Part 6
Comic 155: Twilight Part 7
Comic 156: Spider-man and Venom… PEACE?!?
Comic 157: Father’s Pride
Comic 158: The Symbiote Clan is coming…
Comic 159: Predator GONE…
Comic 160: Acid…
Comic 161: Mera’s End Message
Comic 162: Venom VS. Venom Part 1
Comic 163: Venom VS. Venom Part 2
Comic 164: Venom VS. Venom Part 3
Comic 165: Venom VS. Venom Part 4
Comic 166: Venom VS. Venom Part 5
Comic 167: Massacre’s Question
Comic 168: A Confusing Reunion
Comic 169: Fire Emblem Shops for Symbiotes
Comic 170: Oops
Comic 171: He will come…
Comic 173: Happy Birthday Gavla!
Comic 174: The Truth is painful… Yet hilarious
Comic 175: The Day he will Come…
Comic 176: He knew he couldn’t fly…
Comic 177: How To Get Rid of Noobs
Comic 178: I’m NOT A GREMLIN!
Comic 179: Calling ALL Symbiotes! REMADE
Comic 180: PGS Revolt!
Comic 181: Angry Birthday, GS: Ultimate Kardas!
Comic 182: Dead?
Comic 183: But Why?
Comic 184: U fail.
Comic 185: Symbiote Shelter REMADE
Comic 186: Business in the Fridge
Comic 187: The BZP Library, GS: General Zahaki!
Comic 188: Mini Moose’s Programming
Comic 189: Happy Fourth of Asplode
Comic 190: Season Finale 1/10: Earthquake
Comic 191: Season Finale 2/10: Things Getting Worse
Comic 192: Season Finale 3/10: Cataclysm
Comic 193: Season Finale 4/10: Not So Great Birthday
Comic 194: Season Finale 5/10: Briefing
Comic 195: Season Finale 6/10: Surprises
Comic 196: Season Finale 7/10: Operation
Comic 197: Season Finale 8/10: Upgrades
Comic 198: Season Finale 9/10: Confronting Cataclysm
Comic 199: Season Finale 10/10: The Truth
Comic 200: The Nuclear End

October 2009 - August 2012

Comic 201: A Nice Reunion
Comic 202: Hybrid the Hero, GS: Vigor Mortis!
Comic 203: Explanations Part 1
Comic 204: A Rushed Halloween Comic, PGS: Zippy Toa of Lightning!
Comic 205: Explanations Part 2, PGS: Chath!
Comic 206: The Hunter Becomes Hunted, PGS: Teknio!
Comic 207: Whhaat?!
Comic 208: Back With Venom…
Comic 209: A Bad Break-Up
Comic 210: Lasher Gets A Host, PGS: Omega Deception and Eljay!
Comic 211: Spidey’s Pants, GS: Zahaki!
Comic 212: Like It Or Not
Comic 213: I’LL SUE YA, GS: Kahinuva!
Comic 214: Irresponsible Part 1, GS: Toa Konorix, Derenchi, Ultimate Kardas, and PGSes from V.2!
Comic 215: Irresponsible Part 2
Comic 216: Irresponsible Part 3, GS: Pokolo!
Comic 217: Irresponsible Part 4
-Filler 217: Sniff
Comic 218: Banished
Comic 219: You’ll Understand Corn…
Comic 220: Dejavu?
Comic 221: The City of Babylon
Comic 222: Does Spidey DAZZLE You?
Comic 223: Where’s My Father?
Comic 224: Family Matters
Comic 225: knock knock
Comic 226: Carnage Coffee
-Filler 226: Olook
Comic 227: Doppelganger’s Back
Comic 228: Family Time
Comic 229: Troll Painting
Comic 230: A Venomous Christmas
Comic 231: The Merc-with-a-Mouth, Part 1
Comic 232: The Merc-with-a-Mouth, Part 2
Comic 233: The Merc-with-a-Mouth, Part 3
Comic 234: BANG!
Comic 235: Familiar Face?
Comic 236: The Second PGS Revolt?
Comic 237: The Retrieval, Part 1
Comic 238: Unanswered Questions
Comic 239: The Retrieval, Part 2
Comic 240: The Retrieval, Part 3
Comic 241: Meanwhile With Toxin…
Comic 242: Practice Makes Pain
Comic 243: Punchline Ft. King Joe
Comic 244: Negativity
Comic 245: Anti-Venom, Part 1
Comic 246: Anti-Venom, Part 2
Comic 247: Anti-Venom, Part 3
Comic 248: Anti-Venom, Part 4
Comic 249: Anti-Venom, Part 5
Comic 250: The Three Virtues (Midseason Special)
Comic 251: Great Power
Comic 252: Traffic Jam
Comic 253: Trash Talk
Comic 254: Business Sucks
Comic 255: Serious Business
Comic 256: A Short-Lived Battle
Comic 257: Keeping Out if Sight
Comic 258: Bare Teeth
Comic 259: May the Test Begin
Comic 260: A Grand Meeting
Comic 261: Oh No
Comic 262: Sewer Rats
Comic 263: So Begins the Brawl
Comic 264: The Big Smackdown
Comic 265: A Night of Madness
Comic 266: Plans Slowly Unfold




This is a lot of comics.

And they are all optional. :sweat_smile:

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That took dedication.

Oh man, the days of being a comic maker. Sometimes I wish I had the willpower to continue my series too.

Anyways, new ones look great, I hope Eljay’s conversation will lead to meaningful results. : p


@Ven Don’t know how open you are to suggestions, but I think a conversation between Riot and Movie Riot would be great!

I’m totally open to suggestions! I think that would be a neat idea.


Just remade a couple of ~V~ comics to replace the lost links in the original series.

Comic 16: The Package, Co-Author Blu3!
Comic 18: Revenge Tactics
Comic 20: Blu3’s Suggestions
Comic 25: Free Fall
Comic 27: Blu3’s Suggestions, Part 2

Hopping back onto MSPaint to make these was really surreal. Felt just like '08 again.
More to come!


Oh my god, Ven is making comics again. whhh


ur darn tootin

Also, here are some more comics I remade to fill some gaps in ~V~ and ~V.2~.

Comic 36: Troublemaker
Comic 38: Blu3’s Suggestions, Part 3
Comic 141: All in the Name
Comic 179: Calling ALL Symbiotes!
Comic 185: Symbiote Shelter

It looks like ~V.2~ is almost whole again! I’m hoping the new comics make the series a bit more comprehensive.


I can not wait to start reading some of these! IT IS TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! SYMBIOTES AND BIONICLE!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Oh no


That’s exactly the mindset I had when I first made these comics- nothing but symbiotes and BIONICLE. :wink: Now I know getting through the comics might get a bit confusing or overwhelming, so for you guys that are actually reading through them, here’s a nice little character guide I’ve put together.


You know, I was wondering if one of these existed…

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I love this sooo much :laughing:

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This sounds brilliant :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I know the next big enterprise I’ll be sinking my teeth into after I finish up Spider-Man the New Animated Series

Oh, let me know how that goes!
In the meantime, here’s a new comic for ~V.3~.

Comic 268: The Wait is Over

… And here’s a couple of more ~V.2~ comics to fill up space.

Comic 118: Canni-Ballistic, Part 1!
Comic 119: Canni-Ballistic, Part 2!
Comic 120: Canni-Ballistic, Part 3!
Comic 121: Canni-Ballistic, Part 4!
Comic 122: Canni-Ballistic, Part 5!

I noticed there were some comics ~V.2~ that didn’t quite make sense or seem appropriate, so I had to replace two of them and fill in some gaps, and I ended up with a short, 5-parter.



It was pretty alright, actually! Only the one season though, unfortunately. I will say the animation has not aged well though you get used to it, and sometimes the voice acting can be… off, but there are a couple gems in here (Jeffrey Combs and Michael Dorn both have roles, among others I’m likely forgetting).

There are also some pacing issues, especially near the beginning, but it gets better there. I definitely feel some of these stories would have benefited from a slightly longer running time, though. But there’s some good stuff here, anyway, and a lot of what they get away with may surprise you a little.

Given that it was axed, the ending is a little bleak as it was originally intended as a next season hook, but it is still an ending at least. Another thing… it does (especially at the beginning) have some early noughties artsy… quirks, in how it displays things visually, primarily in transitions, and the music is a bit unorthodox - kinda… techno-ish? I wouldn’t really know how to describe the genre, you’d know what I mean if you hear it. Though I got really addicted to the opening theme, sue me :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, worth the time in my book.

Realises this has turned from a quick slightly off-topic response to a mini-essay :stuck_out_tongue:

Eheh, I’ll just get to reading ~V~ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, I might check it out sometime. I’m still of the belief that nothing can top Spectacular Spider-Man, but I’ll take your word that this one might be worth checking out. (We should continue in an actual Spider-Man topic)

Anywho, I got some new comics to spew out!

Some more ~V~ remakes:

Comic 44: Donna’s Obsession
Comic 46: Baby Mania

Then, a brand new ~V.3~ comic,

Comic 269: Surrender or Feed

… And finally, an actual ~V.4~ comic.

Oh, and just to make it clear, V.4 won’t have anything to do with the original comics.
It’s entirely a brand new, episodic story. Bye.