Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight | Discussion and Suggestions

It’s good to be back!

In this thread, I welcome any opinions on the show, on my commentary, and on my own creations that I’ve decided to feature in my more recent videos.

Latest Spotlight | BIOCRAFT Takua and Lewa the Lumberjack!

How do you guys like the new format? Would you like to see more videos similar to this? Are you interested in seeing my progress as a LEGO MOCist? Is that even the correct term?

I look forward to hearing all your thoughts.


I’m just going to get this out of the way, because I’m sure someone is going to ask this sooner or later.

I assume this is strictly for talking about the show, and not where people should post suggestions for mocs they would like to see featured in it.


Oh yes, please!


I loved your latest video! I don’t typically watch them unless I have a personal interest (Sauron, for example), but your latest one has probably been my favorite. I like seeing all angles of it rather than just the provided photos, and just having it in person makes it more enjoyable in my opinion.

Correct, I won’t be taking requests for MOCs to be featured on the Spotlight.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister I figured it would be a nice change to have a more 3-dimensional review


That mesonak moc. I might use its general design for a moc of mine. Also I do like the new format you described

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I think it would be very interesting to see your progress as a MOCist, if you have any photos of old MOCs to compare with your newer creations.

Also I’d REALLY like it if you REVIEWED my selfMOC, EdgyShadowguy3000, who beat Makuta with just hi-

gets demoted


I’m actually really happy that you made this, I had some comments on your mocs you posted. First off, I love the Wendigo, it captures the essence of the creature excellently. I may be biased as they are some if my favorite undead creatures in mythology, but still, the face, the antlers, and all the brown looks excellent. And Phweffie/Vipers? wings, oh my, those were so good. I loved the way they looked. My only ctizism would be for Eljay’s moc, the toa limbs didnt really work. Other than that an excellent spread.

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I am a big fan of your collection! The Wendigo is pretty sweet, as everybody else has mentioned, and I was super impressed by your self-moc’s new system upgrade. I would love to get a better look at Varderon’s legs. Are these mocs posted somewhere?

That’s a good idea! I’ll see what I have.

Totally agreed. I actually went ahead and got started on a brand new Eljay MOC, and I think so far I’m nailing the look way more than before. Here’s a sneak peak of what the leg design is looking like.

As you guys can tell, I’m starting to really embrace the incorporation of system parts in my builds.

Here’s a gallery of the MOC that inspired the legs.


Yay!! Good to have the MOC spotlight back!
A gift for you:


That eljay leg. it looks really great!

I like the new format. I think that talking about multiple MOCs per episode is better than just talking about one, especially seen as though the MOC spotlight is only up once per week (Whether that changes or not I don’t know). But anyways one thing that I did like were the scores, or at least some type of ranking system. It’s not that important but it’s worth consideration.

Also picking out MOCs from less popular creators is a good idea, because when the old MOC spotlight was about it was a lot of the same, or similar creators, so good MOCs that less known people made didn’t get to see the light, if you catch my drift.

Anyways I’m glad that the MOC spotlight is back, and whatever you do with it is up to you, but I thought I’d leave my thoughts

The new format seems that it would lend itself well to a discussion of method and technique. Perhaps finding a MOC that accentuates qualities you want to talk about and showcase.

That leg looks excellent. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

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Do you plan to build MOCs of your other co-hosts?


I must say that this is a great difference. A huge change. But I like it. The TTV mocs were a relatively rare thing. I actually had a hard time finding them. A new full series about them, and probably other characters from the respective universe (if you decide to do so, I don’t think the Wendigo is meant to be part of the universe) is a great idea! I was looking forward for such a series for a long time (and for a stop motion series).
The Venom 2.0 is a good moc, however I find the lower legs to be too thin and the bright blue to be too rare, but it is a very cool build, much better than the original. I can’t wait to see more revamps for the others!
There is also one question that popped into my mind: what is Venom meant to be as a species? I always compared him to a Toa of Water, Lightning, etc, but most probably you have other plans for him.
And also…

Yes. Mocist is the correct term.

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So does this mean you won’t be spotlighting other people’s builds anymore?

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I will actually continue to spotlight other creations. I might actually introduce a new format for that though, just to keep things fresh and hopefully more interesting to watch.