Vent 2.0: Razor Armor

yup, finally updated the sunuvakane-ra. After about a month since it's debute, Vent has come back in a new suit of armor!


Once a normal citizen from a far-away universe, Vent was a hero of many worlds. However, when Derkayes conquered this version of Vent's world, Vent and his last friends, his brother Neo Silveron, his lover Stealth Nymph, and JMP(ofcourse I, who was stuck in a crystal) were exiled out of that known universe. However, the group finally found an Alternate Spherus Magna which was peaceful and great. However, Threats such as Makuta, maurading Glatorians, various monsters and even Derkayes' return have made conflict a reality to the peaceful world

Eventually, obtaining parts from JMP and Neo Silveron, Vent was upgraded to his current suit, known as the Razor suit. With increased strength and speed, Vent is now a great threat to Derkayes and any who aim to disrupt the peace...


Optimus Prime(Movie)
Megaman Zero

Yes I know, just a lanky and gappy 'downgrade' to the original, but hey, progress!

360 view


Energy Pistol: Shoots any energy-based projectiles at enemies. Can be charged

Neo Cannon: Laser cannon affixed to a small attachment on Vent's arm which allowed for intergrated weaponry similar to cybertronian weapons. Is a good concealed punch to the face!

Beam Saber: Main weapon, often switched on via psychic link chip which allows for Vent to turn it on at will. can be hot enough to slice through protosteel(or a small chunk of Mata-Nui's armor) like butter

By the way, for the previous version, click Here for the original version

Critique and comment, and if you do, like it!


Prepare yourself, @Hawkflight is going to murder you for that 1x1 waist.

I like general idea, but the head just messes it up for me. I don't really like the look of it. Nothing against it, just personal preference.


Meh, the moc's always had a thin waist. I could bulk it up

Also, I could return the head to the original Stormer head. Other then that I don't really have any other good heads(in my opinion anyway)

A good way to at least marginally bulk up a waist is just to add small tires to it.

he needs to eat a few kane-ra burgers.

at first I didn't like the painted mask, but it's grown on me.
and I think the weapons are well made.
that shoulder armor design is beautiful, very spartan like.

Reminds me of Deception Stinger from Transformers 4.

Never stop MoCcing man

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powers up chainsaw

Now... before you die... you could do something about the color distribution. Either get rid of the yellow or make it spread out.

Or bulk up the midsection, in which case, you live.

Area below the waist joint also seems a bit weird. Bulking up the front and back could help there.

So... I see that you finnaly got yourself a new backround! stuck_out_tongue Looks great!

This guy may be lanky but I LOVE that shoulder armor. @Hawkflight has a point though, that yellow on the chest just doesn't fit.