Vent 2.5: Hydroburst Armor

yup, I've basicly turned Vent's upgrade into an aquatic one


After a few days with the armor, situations involving aquatic emergencies such as the Barraki and Aquatic Rahi incidents forced Vent to adapt: Having Neo Silveron upgrade the armor for an aquatic enviroment, it still functions in all terrains and even in aerial and Vacuum enviroments, but works best underwater. With speed and a good amount of power, Vent's ready to take on even the toughest deep sea situation!


Visorless mask

A few poses with the saber and cannon arm


TFP: Beast hunters figures
Toa Mahri
Iron Man

Taking inspiration from iron man an a few other series, I decided to upgrade Vent by beefing up his legs and main torso. Added the wheel, removed the inika shoulder armor, added more yellow, and armored up his lower legs. I decided he didn't need furno's feet anymore and I thought his arms needed more humanoid proportions. If you're wondering about his backpack, the trans-green pieces are supposed to be miniature cannons. As for his feet, they're just black mata feet with yellow pieces, which I have plans for...

Critique and comment!


Much better for that waist.

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