Vent, The warrior


~Pre-Spherus Magna
Once a regular human, he and a crew consisting of his friends were cast out into the deep space of the void. Reaching the Mata Nui Robot, they scattered and masqueraded as an unknown group, gathering intel and fighting with the Order of Mata-Nui and Toa against the Dark-Hunters, Brother Hood of Makuta and other threats

~Post Spherus Magna
Becoming part of the Civilization of both Agori and Matoran, Vent and his team helped keep peace amoung the many, and repelled threats, even from alternate universes


Beam Saber: A modified plasma/fire sword which seemingly cuts through anything and can only be weilded with his specific hand print

Buster Pistol(not shown): An old pistol which takes any ammo type and shoots 3 blasts per second and can be upgraded

Arm-Guards:Mechanical gauntlets which allow Vent to unleash either arm blades or weapons designed to be arm-mounted

Yes, He's custom painted and is mostly bland sans the custom upper-torso. He was the first OC I ever made and first successful Moc. However, due to his current design, I don't plan on upgrading him any-time soon

Main Inspirations:

MegaMan Zero

Raiden(Metal Gear Rising: Revengence)

Optimus prime

360 turn-around


Unleashing his Beam Saber with a few poses

"Well now, time to use the arm guards..."

Battle blades


Rocket Punch

Now time for extras

"Huh. Feels like I'm forgetting something"

"Well. Didn't Know Matoran couldn't fly that HIGH..."


I saw him somewhere, but I don't know where :/

(sorry for long reply) Yeah actually I posted pics of it on DeviantArt, but ATM I'm posting my mocs here.

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Interesting use of Sharpie/Painted pieces. The Rahkshi upper legs are pretty out of place though. Again, better pictures would help. smiley

1) thanks, you're the second person ever to post here
2) Rahkshi upper legs awere part of the original design, and I can't really find any way to make a custom arm to attach the Stars tahu feet.

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Like it. Only thing. Painting pieces is fine, but the paint is a bit messy.

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Old application of paint via big and messy brush. If I get more parts and more custom supplies, I'll try a better job

EDIT: Incase anyone wants to see this ancient topic(despite the fact it's sorta old and I've already upgraded it)