Ventum: My Self Moc (Version 7)

^ Images may be found here (since I cannot upload photos at the given moment to the thread

Just a little read up on him
This particular version has a story that takes place in a futuristic city type setting. His race (too lazy to make up a name) are these beings in highly advanced suits of armor (Kind of like Iron man, but not Iron man). He controls both Wind and Ice. Also, something to note, The story DOES NOT take place in the Bionicle Canon or Story in any way/shape/form.

Anyways, that's all I got on him for the time being. Comments would be appreciated and such.


Ventum! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Glad to be here. Thank you for the comment

Love how you added lego pieces that attach to studs and not axles. Very creative, awesome moc!

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Dang. I need to get more parts.

I'll say, there's quite a bit of creativity for what looks like a fairly basic idea for a self moc. It actually reminds me of my style of MOCing. The torso build looks pretty solid, along with dem legs. And the paint job on that mask is really well done.

This is a pretty inspirational combination of technic and hero factory parts, and with that said I commend you sir.

Nice to have another 'Ven' on here. =P


Thank you

Why thank you, Venom. Wasn't expecting you (one of the main TTV guys) to comment on my thing stuck_out_tongue That being said, thank you for the comment. Also, yes... I am another "Ven", lol.

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Oy, now you're on this part of the Net?

10 outta 10 smile

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Been here for about 2 days now stuck_out_tongue

Anyways, thanks for the comment, Mills

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