Ventum V10: Neo Corruption

###“I am the very manifestation of your nightmares. You cannot escape me Kolk, because we are one in the same…”

So… the time has came, I’ve finally made it to Version 10 of Ventum. 5 1/2 years have been leading up to this, so how did it turn out? Well, I think this version is probably my favorite one so far. The theme, the build, everything to me is just so pleasing.

I realize that the medium azure is only on the chest/mask, but I honestly think that is fine. It’s a design choice I’m willing to stick with, even if others may/may not like it. I just felt like mentioning that bit in particular as it may throw some people off.

One final thing, “story-wise” even though I haven’t written it out yet Ventum is the inverse of Kolk. Ventum is the result of a virus in Kolk’s main AI, and as such only Kolk can see him. Ventum uses this to his advantage to manipulate Kolk and force him to cause harm against innocents.

And one final note before I end the post:

Until next time, cya guys around :smiley:


He looks so incredible. I like the weapons a lot, and the torso and legs are really well constructed. Great work, as always! :smile:


prtty good but maybe spread out the blue so theres a bit more on the body

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I’m loving the painted mask.

i love this, but as stated, you should spread the blue a bit more

I know you’ve made your thoughts clear on this and aren’t willing to back down on this, but I just wanted you to know that I understand why you’d leave the medium azure in the places where it’s at.

IMO it works well to draw the eyes to the mask and the torso. If it were spread out further it’d lose that ability. And medium azure, being the rare colour it is, works very well as accent, like how it’s used here, IMO again.

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Great as always. The light blue could be focused in other areas, but the torso and the way the shield also serves to make him more visually interesting are definite highlights.

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The painted mask looks great. Nice job

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Vent this has to be one of my fave mocs from you, (totally not hiased cuz fave color combination) the build is pretty nice too!

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Can he use the shield as a massive shuriken?

Honestly I think you need to remove some of the azure, the beast head and the technic uh fin bits should be black, it would align with the masks levels more, though maybe add small highlights to the hips to draw the color through the build more.

Here’s the issue with that; at that rate I might as well take it all off. There will be even less of it, so why would I even want to keep it at that point? The beast head and technic bits are staying azure. They’re on the back anyways, so it’s not really causing any harm.

Technically yes…?

That’s not really something I thought about tbh

I liken his Bra…

Love the star shield and how it fits on the back. 9.5/10

Ummm, so is Ventum just inside Kolk’s mind, or can he affect things in the outside world, more like a spirit?..

Very cool, the azure sorta bothers me though, not because of the quantity, but because of how it flows. I want to imagine it as one piece of armor, but since the two parts don’t connect…

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I really like how this looks. The azure works really nicely in the MOC’s colourscheme.

Ventum is inside of Kolk’s mind. He can cause Kolk to see things and hallucinate, as well as even mess with some of Kolk’s functions. For instance, he could show Kolk a vision of a friend dying, even if it didn’t really happen. He could also stop Kolk from being able to move, keeping him at a stand still. Just a couple of examples

to be honest, they’re not meant to connect. It’s done that way on purpose.

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strong build
strong color
strong equipment

But I will say the leg are kinda chunky, but still an amazing moc.

This is majestic.

Specially that shield.

Also, kudos for the Skirt!

Looks really good dude, build is lovely and the shield is just fantastic. I personally think the colour spread is fine. It works as it is. Oddly enough, the one thing I don’t like about this MOC is the sword. To me, the Gorast wing doesn’t fit and looks a bit silly.

8/10 my dude

The beast head is, the technic bits I was talking about are on the chest, the wedge pieces, making those parts black would create lines of azure running across the body, mirroring the mask.