Verainiss and Zeinmanoze the inquisitors

(Bio) Born and raised in the city Molea on planet monterrion 1 with his mother Nireretar with his uncle Zephyr who keeping eye in case of him getting in trouble from certain individuals of the wrong way of intentions and he has of misguidance through sometimes of his life as a troubled teenager who he doesn’t know who his father is exactly.
From coming to be a adult from graduation of his High School and ask his mother who is his father and she said Nireretar: your father is Macallan the overlord which to his surprise his father is the most dangerous most evil veiled person of all known now why other individuals we’re tempted him to be dark and manipulative and understand it completely why he was the most unpopular kid in school for because they would think he’s like his father.
Later when he was coming home to his mother was walking all happy until a bombarding started to happen around his home city when he found his mother she told him to run and find his father and that was the last time he saw his mother as she faded away to the descendants soul realm to rest for all eternity within the realm of resting souls that have parted from their love one’s
Created and manufactured in a orbital space colony called A.R.M.O.S.E short for armoury research modelling orbiter system engineers hidden in the farthest point in the galaxy was created for peace and justice and given the name ZB8-09 but before when he was ready for battle he had a mishandled problem with his programing and was sent to be terminated immediately but one Zeinmanoze released what was happening he acted fast to escape from being eviscerated to nothing but dust and ashes.
So zeinmanoze managed to escape to the A.R.M.O.S.E with one of it escape pods and landed monterrion 9 near the dark enterprise and was noticed by a reconnaissance team to see if any survivors and brought ZB8-09 to the reconstruction facility part B to rebuild more fashionably dangerous design and so ZB8-09 had risen through the ranks as a high intelligence division of member to advise Macallan what to do for divide and conquer to become of this Macallan deemed the name Zeinmanoze to ZB8-09 as his IQ is a level of six million and as well gained a worthy level of respected brother based bound with Macallan the overlord.
On one of Zeinmanoze’s reconstruction mission to search of life to see more analyses for the intelligence division but unfortunately Zeinmanoze encountered some space Pirates but managed to evaded them but unfortunate he took some damage on the rear power engine and was forced to land on the nearest planet close to him
Zeinmanoze landed planet monterrion 1 near the city of Molea where he sees the destruction of what happened to this poor peaceful town and found a person who was very unstable condition since the bombarding has effect him in a very bad way and was forced to get prosthetics to replace his died out body parts and he did asked Zeinmanoze: who are you and he responded my name is Verainiss zeinmanoze said come with me if you want to live and Verainiss agreed they managed to escape with their lives intact.
After 6 years of Zeinmanoze training Verainiss to be a proper fighter to analyse his opponents before fighting them as this was something he told Verainiss constantly until he understand perfectly to know why this was the case to understand the way their opponents of always to win the fight no matter how hard the battle be made of this factor
(Tiles and Occupations)
Verainiss was given the title red son since he is the offspring of Macallan the overlord which has been gifted the powers of a overlord child to a lower extent of power wise to his lower power level 10 of 9000
Verainiss is currently still with his master Zeinmanoze working for hire with investigations of solving unknown and hard mysteries to attain that normal people went to be able to find out themself and be paid wealthy
Zeinmanoze get the title the Sentinel master from his high IQ of six million from Macallan of being never cease to be amazed office unbound knowledgement and advancements for technology
Zeinmanoze is still currently Verainiss’s master advising him on what to do to plan through carefully without false thinking or failure of the hard working and dedication
Verainiss is heavily inspired by the kingdom hearts bad boi vanitas which they both bear similar looks to one another

Zeinmanoze is inspired by the sonic villain Imperator Ix for his immediating futuristic design and long weird/cool back hair

Credit goes to Redverse on Flickr thank you for the head design my friend of wonders of magnificent builds
.E.VA | Purge the imperfection | Redverse | Flickr.

Zeinmanoze’s theme song .




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Kewl builds

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Ooh these mocs look cool. I really like the color schemes, and the weapons are also neat. Nice job

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Good to know they are cool builds thank you @MakutaOisli

Hahaha thanks @Rukah the colours was something I needed to stand out I appreciate it thanks buddy also I love your new profile looks awesome

Ohhh thank you I was a little bit inspired by toa gali trident from G2 for Zeinmanoze’s weapon but Verainiss’s weapons originally belongs to maxhbuilds so I’m gonna give credit to him now link is below but thank you i appreciate always have always will once again thank you
.Max on Instagram: VS Robots.