Verak and Gazi, Matoro's G2 Self-MOCs

So, these two MOCs represent both halves of my personality. Gazi represents the goofy, fun-loving side of me, while Verak represents the sarcastic, depressed, angry side of me. I'm happy with both of them, and I particularly like Gazi.

Gazi, Protector of Joy.
Fun-loving, and kind, Gazi is a legendary hero among the inhabitants of Okoto. He has saved his village more times than he can count (which isn't that high) However, he has a tendency to get caught up in the moment and do dumb things, He can also become obsessed with an idea all too easily, and has a strange tendency to start Artahka based podcasts.

ready for battle!

He looks out into the distance.

Verak, master of hatred.
Verak is the embodiment of pain, misery, and sorrow. he is intelligent to a fault, and is extremely prideful. He is quick to anger and slow to forgive. He hides his true feelings behind a wall of sarcasm that few can penetrate.


Pretty good MOCs. Short, but it makes sense. They both look pretty good.

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Well there protectors so I'm guaranteed to love them!


Cute little fellows.

Neat little MOCs.

Well done. I really like the design.

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These look and sound exactly like the halves of me, except different color choices and other things...

Are...are we the same inside?


Very nice MOCs, and the Skull Spider actually looks pretty good on Verak! That last image is the best, imo.

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Oh how I love these gen2 MOCs...