Verakion MoCs: Shadow Takua, murderer of Mata Nui: A MNOG What If?

What if Pohatu hadn't shown up to fight off the Nui Jaga in MNOG? What if Takua had picked up one of the Comets?
What if he had become a Kra-Matoran? What if he went nuts?

What if Takua..... became a murderer?

This is my rendition of an infected Takua. he has a very consistent color scheme of black, red, and a bit of light gray. There's actually no other colors on him, besides his head, making him my second MoC with a perfect color scheme. Now onto the obligatory back shot.

The obligatory back shot: Here you can see one of his two optional back attachments. This is his backpack

And this is Jala/Lhikan's mask. He wears it as a reminder of what he used to be. Now, a back attachment isn't the only thing he has an alternate version of. He actually has an alternate mask.

This is his battle helm, which he wears into combat. It flips down over his regular mask and serves essentially the same purpose as a Hau, except the effect is constant.

Now for one more picture, which is my favorite picture I've taken ever.


I like the legs, haven't seen that before. Cool idea! smiley


This is pretty dandy if I do say so. The masks at his feet certainly get the point across.


I'm really proud of the Kanohi pile


Dark. I like it, things like this really peak my interest.

Dang I love this Matoran design. This is a really cool idea and I love how you used 3 different masks (sorta) for him. Really cool, not only the moc but the idea aswell. This should be more of a thing where people make mocs to represent what would have happend. Nice, anyways, keep on mocin'.

I can't kill people! I'm a nice person!
This design is cool though, good job!


that's why it's a what if

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I know, it's just a joke about my persona being TakuatheChronicler.

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I've actually done a pile of masks like that before on a larger scale. It looks really cool.

Pretty neat little dude though stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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He looks more like an average Matoran than a Shadow Takua

But the design is awesome!

Are you saying that Takua doesn't look like an average Matoran?


What kind of 'Ta'-Matoran has blue as an accent colour?

A really hot one


YES YES YES!!!!! THIS IS SPLENDID! The story, the colors, the amouring, the legs! OH THOSE LEGS! Great job Matoro. I applaud you! smile