Verakion MoCs: Turaga Tahu

basic view of the MoC. I know the mask breaks the color scheme, but it really was the only mask I felt would fit. There was already a blue pin, so I didn't have a perfect color scheme to preserve, thus the 2008 Hau. He does use the same basic build of Turaga Borin, but I've fixed some of the issues with it. For instance, the arms are a bit longer. Unfortunately, to maintain the color scheme, I had to use Av-Matoran arms, so they're a bit awkward. I feel like while he's not the best, he's not horrible either.. More pictures coming soon.


Now that's what I "Kal" a Bohrok shield!


Some eyes would help......

I like the shield though. Nice parts usage.


I wonder what Gali would look like as a turaga?

The mask does really fit the build, even if it does break the colour scheme. Great moc and keep in mocing.


She'd probably also have that godawful Mistika mask...