Verbena, La Chica Assassina ver 2.0

This is a revamp of a character I made last year. I liked that one, but I wanted to create an articulated torso and swap out the black for gray. The mask is Shapeways, obviously.

Photoshop Color Swap


Here is a link to the original design.


C U T E ~


That’s such a great build and color scheme!


Thanks. Lego dark purple is such a great color. I wish they made more parts in it.

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It’s awesome seeing one of Onuku’s 3d printed masks getting more use. This is a really cute moc :slight_smile:


I like the weapon and slight asymmetry.

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I like that the name sounds Spanish because I’m from Spain. Any reason to why you chose that name?

Ooh, I really like this. It’s like a poisonous flower, pretty but deadly.

I really liked her the first time around, but now she looks even better! Also, that mask just fits the moc so dang well.

I love absolutely everything about this.

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