Vermelper: a TTV Kaita and guardian of teh crystal bonds(JOKE MOC)

(Also known by it’s other name, “What happens when I have spare time and wanna make a fusion of some of the TTV cast members”, it’s Totes a reference to @Shadezy 's RP, crystal bonds…)

A Legendary creature said to be created when @Mesonak , @Eljay , @Venom and @Viper fuse willingly via a special procedure, This Beast is essentially Wairuha, only cooler and with far more power. Able to use Bohrok Kal powers and has many elemental attacks, it has the dry wit of Eljay, the symbiote of Venom, the references of Viper and the pure will of Meso, this thing’s ready to destroy any who get in between the TTV members and their goal. This beast is one of the many fusions created if the cast members willingly or forcefully fuse, this being the former

EDIT: I regret nothing for dis!!!


Honestly, I kinda like it, despite being a joke MOC.


Kay then, you might like when I make the Kahi-Var-Invictus-Kini-Takuma fusion I’m planning…

BTW the fusion has immense power so it can only be sustained for 30 minutes and the draw back is the chance of a 1 hour to 5 day coma. But it’s still pretty rad for a kaita


I think the coolest thing is how you made the Inika Torso kinda cool with a melding of CCBS with it.

Very evocative of Meso. And just a cool design.


oh god

This has to be a thing in the roleplay, even if it is a joke MOC :laughing:


Don’t worry, I’ll make it’s counterpart, Karduhi, soon…Just wait and see…

“Hello, Everybody, to Omega Mardi Gras Recap with Zaktan’s blue pins! How’s life 'n such?”


I’m sorry I can’t picture anything but Tahu parading in Mardi Gras and Meso covering it.


This is actually pretty cool. A few tweaks and a new color scheme, it could be a pretty cool villain.

dude, it’s a fusion of half of the TTV cast members. why would they be villains? Also this is sorta a joke moc

I mean the design itself could work well for a villain if it was tweaked a bit. Could you post a few pics of how it’s constructed?


Ah Ok, thanks for the clarification


Yo man, you gotta see this! It’s in the Crystal bonds rp man! Also it’s supper cool!

I already wrote a post that foreshadows the creation of Vermelper. Check it out!

Nice horns.


what about @exxtrooper ? :frowning:


Alright guys, other then adding Exxtrooper or Kini, I plan on upgrading this. So, what do you guys want for the upgrade, or should I say, “Nuva-Kaita” version!?


I know these are meant as a “joke”, but I actually quite like this one. Interested to see what you’ll be doing i the future here :smiley:


I’m scared.

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Hmm, I’d like to see an experiment akin to a Sentai Mech, or a Megazord. That is to say, segregate the colors extremely, like, limb-specific or something.

Maybe keep the mashup head, but give us like, a Meso chest like you have and a torso matching the meso colors, and like, divide the limbs among the other members of the fusion.

I think it’d be cool to see.

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How come nobody has bowed-down before it yet?