Vertigo Interacting Raider-Gale Interceptor Legion 2.0/Dreadnaught

It's a completely different thing, but still has the same acronym.

Vertigo Interacting Raiders, or V.I.R.'s, are a Tilkin model of avian military drones designed for maximum aerial mobility. They are the most common model of Tilkin automotons, with an estimated 500 stationed on Yivaa. Only one division of these survive to this day- the Gale Interceptor Legion.

Their "feet" are outfitted with four chainguns (2 per foot). The wings also contain rotors which provide lift, and output just enough energy to keep it in the sky. A combination of rotating wings and its tail help it steer. Its maximum height is about 152 meters high.

Their eyes, like H.O.M.E.R.'s, can detect infrared and x-rays. Unlike H.O.M.E.R.'s, however, they are much more aggresive and will attack on sight, one of the many reasons those who wish to visit Yivaa must come with a weapon.

The most dangerous of these are the V.I.R. Dreadnaughts, the "queen bee" of the V.I.R.'s. Only one remains- the G.I.L.'s own Dreadnaught, dormant in an unspecified area on either Yivaa or Ossavaa.

They are armed to the beak with weaponry of all sorts. Each foot has one chaingun and one concussive missile launcher. Its back has a powerful machine gun turret and a forward facing air-to-air cannon. Its rear contains a bomb storage. A hatch opens at a rear, allowing a single bomb to be deployed. It's face holds it's deadliest weapon, an experimental Tilkin Air-To-Surface Beam Cannon, or TATS Beam.

It flies using a stronger version of the V.I.R.'s rotors on each wing, and four extra rotors and thrusters powered by an engine pod for each rotor and thruster. Its tail has an extra thruster used for forward acceleration. It's maximum height is around 154 meters high.

Holy crud that was a long info dump.

I went unhappy with the V.I.R.G.I.L.'s original design, so, I thought, "how can I make this discount Droideka cooler?" Then I began thinking of robotic birds, and... that's pretty much it. The V.I.R.G.I.L. Dreadnought is my largest LDD MoC to date, using 353 bricks in it's construction.


Pretty blocky but I guess that's what you intended. It fits the utilitarian miliraty style. I do wonder what they'd look like studless...

Have you ever thought in trying out more advanced LDD rendering programs?

Considering I'm currently using my mom's work computer, I wouldn't think about it. Once I get a computer of my own, I could probably try a couple out.

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Alright! BTW, I had no idea you could use a white background for LDD. I thought you were stuck with those horrid pre-fab environment backgrounds.

You can either open the "Tool Box" menu at the top (next to "Edit"), or press Ctrl+K. It doesn't have a white background, it's a transparent background.

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These are really neat.