Very Brief Mega Bloks Halo figure photoshoot

I bought a few of the Delta Series mystery packs and I messed around with the camera on my dad’s phone (which is MUCH better than my normal one) so I decided to test a few photos. In addition, I bought a few more lamps.

After messing around a lot, I have a few pictures to post. I’d really like to know what you think of the quality and how it compares to my older photos.

Figures used in those few pictures:

Sorry for the lack of photos, I could have taken a lot more if I had more figures or vehicles with me. This was really just so I could get used to the different camera.


that pic of the yellow guy chilling was brilliant


Nice pictures.

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The Deadeye helmet looks super weird in Mega Bloks, or is that the Stalker?

The yellow Spartan is a Protector, which is a pretty close resemblance.

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Now I see the eyes on it. At first glance it just looked like one of those two.

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thee photos are great

but on another subject I love the trans blue sangheli so much

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