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Same here.
I may not have really taken advantage of Vessel, but from what I can tell, it was highly beneficial to their success, (TTV) and a source for a good deal of their revenue.


And thus ends the little johnny ad.

What about the Vessel exclusives? Will they be moved to YouTube, or perhaps YouTwoBread?



I don’t understand. So Verizon bought Vessel. I thought that they were going to improve the Vessel service. Why are they shutting down? Are they gonna start a new service?:confounded:

Edit: I just realized that Vessel is shutting down in literally 4 days (on Oct 31). That is really abrupt.


Just saw the Vessel acquisition news. Looks like Verizon is gonna fold the Vessel staff into their existing Go90 service. Leave it to Verizon to ruin a good thing.

My guess is they go back to solely operating on YouTube. I don’t think they have any other option. Maybe they can take advantage of YouTube Red.

For what it’s worth I really like YT Red. I was already paying for the Google Music, so getting YT Red was just icing on the cake.

Article I read for those interested:

I guess that puts everything back in one place, and removes the need to upload things a week earlier to vessel. I guess as an alternative they could put an unlisted video up on the message boards a week early for people to view here, if that makes a difference. (It would mess up the analytics though, especially the percentage of viewers being subscribed)

I honestly hope they don’t try youtube red for stuff, the platform as a whole is becoming increasingly worse and money hungry over time and any more support for it other than watching what I want, I really can’t condone.

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I’m actually relatively mad about this :confused:

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This looks pretty bad for TTV, as I’ve heard they made quite a bit of money from Vessel.

I do think they may have relied on it a tad too much, however, given how young of a service it was when they joined.


Welp rip the early access that I won…

Its a shame its shutting down

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Problem: loss of early access.
Solution: Well, does YoutubeRed have an early access program? If not… well, I guess the EA program comes to an end, and little Johnny will just have to wait.

Problem: what to do with the vessel exclusives
Solution: move them to YouTube, either on YouTubeRed, on the boards, or just normal videos. I just don’t want to see the great LP’s disappear forever, and I don’t think TTV does either.

Problem: YouTube is still bad.
Solution: Does not exist.

Problem: what about the release schedule?
Solution: Will probably stay the same as it is on YouTube now. The only issue is the Brickfeed podcast, but I think (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) the earlier release of Brickfeed was meant to promote Vessel and give people incentive to use it (since “YouTube is awful” wasn’t enough), so if there’s no Vessel, there’s no need to have it early anymore.

Problem: loss of income from the Vessel EA subscriptions
Solution: TTV will have to find another means of income. I don’t know if they want to use YouTubeRed, and it never really came up as an issue before, since YTR came out after they had already gone to Vessel, but I do wonder how a move to YTR would be viewed now?

Just out of curiosity, How would you all feel about TTV using YouTubeRed, and do you think it would be a good idea?


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I prefer the patreon alternative. They were like, 99% the reason I decided to get early access, and they get more revenue out of it than red. I wouldn’t mind sparing a dollar or so every now and then, especially if it means the channel won’t go through negative changes.


Well this sucks. Just got the Email this morning, and it was not a good way to start my day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Patreon seems like the best route to me. I hope it makes enough money to keep the boards up, the cast payed, etc…

######RIP Little Johnny


Same here, I was never able to get early access, but I watched all of their videos on vessel with no adblock because I want to support them to the best of my ability. if Patreon has good enough perks, I might try to do something.

Patreon and YTRed are both very good options, and I find myself more inclined to get YTRed, due to a couple other shows I enjoy being on it.

Youtube red is ten bucks though, right?

I’m not guaranteeing I would get either, but I’d be more inclined to.

Yeah its ten bucks a month. But it removes all ads on YouTube and gets you access to the exclusive shows and gives you a Google Music subscription too. It’s great value for the money because the ad removal is huge, and the Google Music catalog is huge, rivals Spotify I’d say. I love it.

This is only really useful on mobile, unless if you have an AdBlock app. I’m not planning on paying $10 for such few real benefits, especially when Vessel’s old program (RIP by the way, it really was a good service) was a third of that with arguably more content, given how I rarely ever hear of people buying YTR for exclusive shows.



More like…Verizon takes Vessel hostage


And it died.