I was trying to make a new version of a piraka. This is what happened.

He ended up being quite busy, but I think it works on him, what with being a Frankenstein Piraka and all.

I was also able to make good use of the Av-Matoran torso, so that’s another plus.
And I was also able to use the not particularly versatile HF villain spike armor piece.

That’s really about it. There’s no real backstory to him.

I hope you like him.


They say Vezok’s a beast…but now he’s become a monster :open_mouth:


the thighs are weird. usually I say something I like aboout the moc to go along with criticism, but this whole moc needs adjustment

I like him… But his legs seem a little short, and the Visorak feet hanging off his thighs are a little odd. Otherwise, pretty good! Vezok was one of my first sets…

@Styrofoam The thighs will probably be re-done once I get some dark blue CCBS. I may re do this guy on the whole at some point as well.

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Shouldn’t it be Vezok, not Vesok?

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Idk, looks very messy, and background makes it hard to make out whats going on.

The head looks too big for the rest of the MOC and the legs seem a bit too out of proportion with the rest of the MOC


Kinda messy and incoherent, but not terrible.