Vezok the Relentless

A Secret Santa 2019 build for Poor Disadvantaged


Be careful who you call scrawny in 2006.


Brilliant MOC! I love how you used that Technic Gear piece for the teeth!


It took me a second to realize it. But darn! Using the gear as teeth was brilliant! 8.7/10 certain areas, such as the mid shoulders and uppermost and lower legs look. Odd and out of place. Besides that, amazing reimagining!

This is one of the best Bionicle revamps I’ve seen, the gear mouth is a stroke of genius, the spine is incorporated so well. The one thing that falls flat to me is the skeleton bones on the lower legs, I like the style but it just feels a bit small.

Overall 11 yo yo’s out of 10 moc.

The use of the Jawblade heads as pauldrons is genius.