Vezon and Kardas

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a dragon.


That looks really good!


IT'S TOO BADASS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! (Gets blown away by the awesomeness)


While the coloring and shading and detailing is all good, I think it falls flat in the posing. Namely Kardas's arms and Vezon in general

Regardless, fantastic work.

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I approve.

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This is great!

s-so gorgeous...

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I like how Vezon looks extra-pleased with himself. xD

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Excellent drawing of Vezon and Kardas.You really did proper justice to the duo. I actually like this drawing better than the set.

Welp, the link/image is now broken. stuck_out_tongue

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Blame majhost. This link still works, though.

That dragon's head reminds me a heckuva lot of Smaug.

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