Vezon: hit by the infector parasite

this is not in any way lore friendly but cool looking

they infector virus attacks and mutates the host in much the same way as the brain leeches from hero factory brain attack. I like to think that the virus exist in a different dimension in the bionicle universe.

chest construction

leg construction

the claw construction


I think you mean Dimension…


tanks I type fast and my computer some times auto corrects

This is so surreal and I love it.

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While this is suppose to be an infected character, it looks like he used the Staff of Fusion twice on himself. Not sure about the Olmak mask, but I notice it reused a similar built from your selfmoc.

Wow! Quite the absurd creation! But I like it! Especially since it’s meant to be a weird mutation. It’s pretty scary, just with the proportions and such. I definitely don’t want to get within 50 yards of this creep. So I guess you’re goal was achieved! Nice job!

I am pretty sure in the comics he got fused with an Olmak,

That aside, this looks pretty good and I like it, pretty spooky.

the idea of an infected vezon is a bit weird,thought the MOC is great

Pretty cool, I love how abstract and corrupt the design looks.

I used the olmak because It would allow him to move to other dimensions. I now think it was a stupid idea lol .

Cool. Not entirely sure what’s going on with it, but it’s cool.

Well you got some continuity and didn’t know about it and used it
Good job!

Nice siva legs. I like this moc looks pretty cool

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It’s a thing.
I like it.

ok what’s with the gut from “lazy town” why is that a meme and didn’t that show come out like 10 years ago why is it popular now? I’m asking not yelling

It’s my icon.
I felt like using it.
As for why it’s a meme, this is the reason.

I miss my childhood


ya I ripped apart that self moc because it wasn’t vary liked.

Because the actor for Robbie has cancer and he’s raising awareness for funds. Memes are saving his life

Vezon looks absolutely freakish. Get him away from me

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