Vezon 'Undertale'

Seeing as Round 1 of Bio-cup is wrapping up, I might as well post my Preliminaries entry.


“It’s a beautiful day outside. The Lava hawks are singing, volcanoes are booming…on days like these, Toa like you…SHOULD BE BURNING IN KARZAHNI.”

Had a lot of fun with this and in hindsight should have also made fun the emphasis of my round one build instead of forcing myself to try build something big and “meaningful.” Anyways maybe such a loss will spur me into becoming a active mocist. :sunglasses:

C and C welcome :kissing_heart:


You moved on to round one for a reason.


Heck yeah.

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This will win bio-cup!

What do you mean that’s not how the bio cup works.

Either way very nice.

Yes, I like this moc very much.

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Heck no.

But actually yes.

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Well either way you’re going to have a bad time :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh. Confused. But… mostly confused. What is this?


It’s a bio cup entry. The theme was to make something that is noticeable as something from bionicle but not bionicle.

Yeah what Bodi said, if you click on the photo it will take you to the original in the Bio-Cup gallery. I should have specified better the context of the build.