Vhandeer Lord, Srius and other old MOCs

So… Here are all of my old MOCs, that haven’t been posted here. Since people were ok with me posted this stuff, there’s no reason to not post them except for my laziness. Also I don’t think people like seeing the same MOC being posted over and over again even if its on different social media…Whatever


Sirius v1:

MOCpages Page

First and the Most original version of him.


Sirius v2 (evolved version)


MOCpages Page

A more broad, primal and weirder version.


Sirius Hellspawn Edition

Flickr Album

MOCpages Page

A cool cyber-demon take on Sirius, probably my favorite version of him.


Bohrok Prototype (Ominos)

MOCpages Page

A Cool big bohrok with a very broad build and red balljoints. Although he was able to transform into a ball and roll, so I think its alright.



MOCpages Page

My second/first female MOC ( the actual first one was terrible and didn’t quite look female enough to be called a female MOC…


Flin the Hunter v2

MOCpages Page

A small but very nice MOC. Was originally made for stopmotion videos, but I’ve only made one


###Vhandeer Lord The Abyss Warrior

Flickr Album -thoroughly recommend you check out him in his full glory

MOCpages Page

One Of my greatest MOCs so far!


Those have been all my old MOCs worth noting and posting!. Thanks to everyone for checking this out!


These are great. My favorite one is the last one.

That’s legit.

all these look really nice

Very nice!

You should already know my thoughts. :wink:

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I love them all. They have texture, great builds, and cohesive color schemes. What more can you ask for in a MoC?

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Being sold.
I would actually buy that last one.

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These are absolutely amazing! The shapes and forms you’ve created are fantastic. I can’t wait to see more the the future.

Jeez, these all look pretty awesome! Vhandeer and the Hellspawn Sirius probably look the best. That being said, I do like all of them, but those two really just stood out to me due to their colors, design and THAT GIANT SWORD.
Nice work!

Vhandeer Lord The Abyss Warrior looks awesome.
Like, he looks menacing ‘n’ such.

These are awesome!

Sweet MOCs man!

The Awesomeness of these is so high, I’m speechless!!!

All of these are super solid. Good work.

Thanks to everyone!
@moamahrimatoro - thanks! I knew you’d like him!
@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air - Thank you! I apreciate it!
@Asriel - if they wouldn’t Iwouldn’t have posted them, Thanks a lot, I appreciate your opinion
@Saxton - You’ve commented on them all and clivked “like” on each of them so many times on diffirent social media that I am surprised you’re not tired of it yet. Thank you for your feedback!
@Ultimate_TChalla - Thank you sir! You forgot NPU I guess, sometimes NPU plays a major role when compairing two MOCs, and this is the reason why Vhandeer is almost worser than Sirius.
@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air - I can make a how-to on each of them, Vhandeer is still assembled and actually has somelil’ mods now, nothing special though.
@Rota_Lorem - Thank you! I always appreciate everyones opinion, be it negative or positive!
@Mayple - Yeah, that sword was my headache for 3 days, although the result compensates for the time wasted on it! Thanks for your appreciation!
@Booster_Gold - Thanks for such a high rating!
@Zero - Thanks for your rating!
@Yveran - sometimes laconic opinion is the most precise one. Thanks for the appreciation!
@JonBlueFire - This is probably to high of a rating for my MOCs, they can’t be compared with awesome MOCs of Likus, Shadowgear,Unsolvable RubiksCube and Alieraah not mentioning the great MOCers like ▷Cezium◁, Dylan Mievis, Lord-Oblivion, Djokson and [Oblivious]. Maybe you are exaggerating or you just haven’t seen their MOCs, either way I appreciate your opinion!
@Ekorak - Thank you kind sir, I appreciate your opinion, as I said, sometimes short reply is the most true one. Thank you!


I’m not really exaggerating!
Lyss looks awesome, and Vhandeer is something I could never do in my life!

(I should probably check out some of the people you listed though!)

Great Mocs! I love the design (especially the sword) of the last one and the naming is fantastic! Good job :slight_smile:

All of them are great, and my fav is Sirius Hellspawn. Also, the sword on the last one looks awesome!!!