Vhisola: The Mage



The neck is a bit long, I’d recommend a metru head, not a fan of the dark green too.
That said I like the torso build, and how it looks like its a modified Metru build, which suits Vhisola.

Vhisola is a metru matoran right?


I really like this MOC! I’m not too muh of a fan of the inclusion of dark green, and the neck is a bit too long, but other than that it’s really great looking. :smile:

Sorry, but I don’t see the appearance of having any sorcery beside the mask itself.

The build is simple yet relatively long.


The neck is a bit long, but I like it.

I’m curious. Why the green?

I’m not sure. I wanted to add 2 colors to keep the look interesting. I think it kinda looks like seaweed.

I’ve always liked Gali Nuva’s weapons. I dunno why. They’re like, almost battleaxes, but not quite. I always like it when they’re used. Unfortunately I have a grand total of 0 of them.

About the moc tho: I like the torso, I couldn’t see that the top of it was custom until I looked a little closer.

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Get rid of the green… and we’re good

The Vahki legs for arms makes her look like Popeye

Nice. Not a fan of the green though.