Vhorr, the Living Warhead

With nuclear power akin to that of an atomic bomb, the mythic beast Vhorr preys on those who break the balance of the natural order, as he once did in his past life. To Vhorr, there’s only one true way of preventing others from committing the same mistakes he did; by eating them of course…


I love the silowhet, but the orange does not the fit the white and red head. But that doesn’t bother me as much as the orange horns on the head.

I eventually plan to paint the mask black, but until I can get my hands on another Krika mask this one is a placeholder.

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Looks great!

Wow, I really like this. The legs look bit awkward though, especially the upper thy and feet. But aside from that this looks amazing. I especially like the way the head really pops with color. It kinda looks like he’s waring a bloody skull, highlighting his brutal nature. Great job!

That head is so cool!

That head design is just fantastic, a bit weird to only see those colours their but it isn’t too bad and doesn’t stick out too much.

you should probably paint the mask or try to use the silver one, but except that, that’s SICK :open_mouth:

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This is awesome, but the head doesn’t fit

It looks magnificent.

Great body design and shaping! Really good job on this. I love the orange and black!

Wait…he likes to eat victims…his name is vohrr…

That better be coincidence

I disagree with the consensus that the head doesn’t work. Being a living warhead, it makes sense that his skull glows with red hot energy. It’s as if he’s close to meltdown. Spot on color scheme and overall sinister design. Well done

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