Viable Armor Repair

Since Makuta can not use shapeshifting to make an armor injury go away but they can still use their shapeshifting power and since Teridax was not damaged by losing his wings since his wings were connected to him externally I want to ask if the following scenario is possible for a Makuta to fix their armor. The scenario is a Makuta has a crack in his armor and shapeshifts a pair of wings, could he tear a wing or both off and then possibly using magnetism and heat vision use them to patch up the crack with more protosteel as long as he has the energy and extra mass or is able to acquire more energy and mass in order to do this, is this a possible repeatable and sustainable method of armor repair?

Makuta using heat vision to weld their own armor is not a viable strategy, because using laser vision/heat vision in immediate vicinity of the open woulds and systematically incinerating the leaking antidermis, is one of the strategies employed in story against Makuta.

Bionicle Legends #11 page 84:
“Gorast could have used the help. Icarax’s strategy was as simple as it was deadly: Slash open her armor and then use laser vision to incinerate her energy as it leaked out. The success of this method had forced her to keep her distance from Icarax and left Vamprah alone in the fight.”

Likewise, forcibly bending the armor to patch some gaps wouldn’t be an idea a Makuta would risk. They went to great lengths to purge the MU of almost all Toa of Magnetism for fear of their powers.
From BS01:
" Because they were a potential threat to the Makuta’s armor, most Toa of Magnetism were killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and Fa-Matoran were kept under close watch."

I meant they use heat vision or magnetism on the detached wing then they apply it to their armor to lessen he risk on themselves. Such as heating the edges on the wing fragment so the heated edges are not too close to the crack in the armor when they patch themselves up.