Viatra, Toa Karhi of Water

This was a simple drawing I made of a MOC Kylerak made a while back (which I unfortunately don’t have pictures of) for our Toa Karhi team.

I really wanted to display on how to make a proper female BIONICLE character through drawings. Often times, I see people making it look either too human like, or making it not feminine enough, so I decided to see if I can make a middle ground. I think I did a good job.

Also please don’t comment “hey look it’s Toa Macku” on here because I’ve heard enough of that already. :angry:


Hey look it’s toa mac-

Oh wait.

Anyways, I think the characte’s right leg bends too much.


TBH doesn’t look look a Toa Macku.

She needs to stop skipping arm day

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I didn’t even think of it until you said it, so…

Anyways, nice drawing. The shape of it looks exactly like what you were going for.

A rare case of me liking a drawing made with thick lines.

Also, is it just me or are you trying to resemble actual pieces? I’m trying to figure out which piece would resemble that torso.

Yeah I did actually, good catch.

Yay for me. Is it supposed to look like the Nuva chestplate?

Actually it’s a generic blue Hero Factory chest plate. I just gave more artistic interpretation here. The skirt is supposed to be Kiina’s spikes, which the MOC used for a skirt.

You did a good job on that Toa Ma–

Y’know, that might end up becoming just as much a tired joke.

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All the more reason to say it.

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It looks pretty cool!

Very nice, and I didn’t get Macku anywhere, if anythong, she is caught similar to a moc of mine named Vani, who has also been called Toa Macku.