Viceroy - build and (several) renders


Very nice revamp! The teal looks nice, and the hair is well done. The posing makes her look pretty menacing.

Also, is the black and gold toa supposed to be any specific character (Using that piece as shoulder armor is a neat technique by the way)?

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This is a very good build. The face shaping is extremely accurate to the movie.

The last picture looks awesome as well.

I’d assume it’s Bomonga.

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Wow, that technique for the hair is genius. This looks really good overall: teal works pretty well for the highlights, and the hands and waist articulation are excellent additions to the original.

I originally thought it was Bomonga, but then I looked at the Rahaga, and thought I saw Bomonga there. Upon closer inspection, that’s Gaaki, not Bomonga.

Roodaka with teal is something I didn’t know I needed until now.


Fantastic revamp, really stands out from the…Others, very nice.

@Gringat I was considering using other blues to match the movie’s colors, but the teal just…worked. Also, the teal parts seen (and everything else) was all actually produced…so if someone has the money…

@Atobe_Brick Thank you very much! As Jerminator said, yes it’s Bomonga. Those first photos are referencing the unseen scene where Roodaka turns those four Toa Hagah into Rahaga, before Norik and Iruni go to rescue them.

@MooCowsRock Thanks - the hair was actually a simple design, I’m just glad that part came in teal. I’m also very keen on good articulation, even with sets that have a function.


Very nice revamp. Still don’t know why so many people hate her character design.

Always impressed by movie-accurate revamps! Love this.

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After a bit of back and forth with @RMan_McAwesome, and a parts order that took a whole month to finally arrive, I took a shot at making the model in physical form!

I tried to only introduce changes where necessary for structural stability or due to availability, with the addition of the blue hoses in the hair by request.


That is one fancy Roodaka! Even better than the render. The subtle inclusion of the Makuta-protodermis-shard-thing just makes me happy.

It’s certainly an improvement on the original set! The teal pieces really enhance her black and silver color scheme.

Oh my… what a great design. Very well done!

nice WoS accurate roodaka!

Hey,do you have instructions for that?

I don’t but I can get you the IO file if you want

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Yes please.