Vicroen V3

So finally I have made my self Mocs third version this is by far my favorite and is the most complex

The weapons that I gave him are a redone version of his original zamor launcher (which does shoot) and a double tipped spear that in a game me and my friend played in first grade was actually named vicroen
Here is the back shot

Then here he is with his blaster. It has a scope and sight for better accuracy

Sorry about the picture quality, hope y’all’s like it!!!


Nice! The color scheme is quite unusual, from what I’ve seen, at least, but it works quite well with this MOC!:smiley:

Thanks the reason why I chose this color scheme is because my two favorite colors are black and green so i used them for this moc. But after building some of the areas of this thing I didn’t have parts in the right colors so I used silver too.

It really worked for you!

Okay, after viewing the other two versions I can say that this is an IMMENSE improvement. You can find more flaws the longer you look at it, such as the arms being a bit too Technicy or the legs being too simple, but it is an improvement.

The reason for those things is because I always try new things with each and because I am fairly new to custom Mocs and I am always trying new techniques and I don’t have the parts to change them some of the time like with the legs. Also thanks!

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I really like the gun!
The staff is cool as well, although I think it’d look better if the climbing claws were turned the other way. Just my opinion, though :smile:

His wrists look horribad,but otherwise it’s a pretty cool MOC.

Dang those forearms and that torso are blocky

You should probably find a way to make the torso less square and more “triangular”, from the hips to the shoulders. Also a prefab forearm would look a lot better than what he has right now.

Whilst the picture quality could be better, the MOC itself is very complex.

@DarkWringer thanks!
@Spooky_scary_Ghosty I know I wish I had the parts to fix it but I don’t and also thanks!
@Hawkflight I am still working on the torso this is what I had so far I am kinda horrible at torsos and arms but the thanks for the advice
@Cyclopian thanks! Also I just didn’t have access to good lighting or a good place because I can’t use my normal picture taking place.