Vicroen v6

This month marks the third year that I’ve been on this site. So I thought I’d post the latest version of my self-moc. I finished it a couple weeks ago so he’s pretty new. I’ve been working on him for a little under four months though. I got really stuck on the upper half of him. The legs were much easier. I added in a couple new colors. Brown and metru blue. I added in brown because the staff this guy is based off of was primarily wooden. And metru blue is color I’ve been collecting parts to add in for a while now. His legs and just a tiny little bit of the arms were kinda inspired by samurai and there armor but not to a huge extent. His proportions I kinda brought back to his first version where he was much bulkier. Overall I’m pretty happy with him. If I could change one thing it would be the arms as they are just a little longer than I would’ve liked. But I still like the way they look. Once I get more parts I’ll do a v6.2. So without further a do here are the pictures. (I played around with the editing a bit)

Here he is with his staff. Which is also named vicroen

And here are comparisons with shlod (white and yellow moc based off a shield) and vinkin (red moc based off a sword)

What’s that over there?

I’m going to be doing a forth moc to go along with these guys that is named The Lemnsicate. So look out for that some time when I get parts.
As always c&c is appreciated and very helpful


I personally would change the feet and make it custom if possible, that makes it extra unique.
But what a beast! Really love it.:+1: :+1:

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Pretty solid

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Hm I never thought about doing that. I’ll work on it, thanks!

@MataMitchell thanks!

Very nice! Tho I have a cooooouuuuuuple little critiques:
The head is quite far forward
The torso looks a little big on the legs and arms
And the feet are a bit odd

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Some might say the proportions are weird but I think it’s quite the unique body style and it’s pulled off quite nicely.

However I’m not a fan of the ribbed hoses.

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Thanks! And yeah I agree, I’ll be sure to fix those things on v6.2

@Botzinga thanks! And the hoses are there because as a staff there were reservoirs where liquid flowed through. I thought it would be the best way to include that kinda thing

I think the hoses look good