Video about a spoopy haunted Bonkle - What do you all think?

So in the spirit of Halloween, I decided i would share a video with you all that I think is perfectly fitting for this site’s theme. There is a horror youtuber known as Nexpo, who among other things has a series called “Disturbing things from around the internet”.
In the 10th installment of this series, Nexpo had a segment on a topic i never thought would go together: ghosts and bionicles.

Before show you the video however, i’d like to make a few disclaimers. I made it so that the link for the video will make it start directly at the relevant segment, and I have verified that the content of particular segment I am showing you is indeed appropriate to show on this site. However, as this video has multiple segments, there are other clips which, while not exactly graphic, may be more disturbing and especially for the younger members of the site. So while the segment i have linked is safe to watch, view the rest of the video AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Anyways, without further adieu, here’s the clip:


Weird things like this also happened to me, once in the night i heard the parts in my parts bin rattling and nothing was there
I came to a conclusion that a random piece probably just fell and caused a sound
This though sounds just like someone’s going through the bin digging for pieces

Also that’s a dope MOC

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Oh, wow. Wasn’t expecting to see Nexpo on this forum. Love his videos. Will have to give it a watch later.


Ah, so it’s another one of those lame “TOP 10 MOST EPICEST SPOOPS” channels. The MOC’s head could easily be moved via CGI; Captain Disillusion has some good videos about how easy it can be to fake this, especially with a low-quality camera and a small object in the background. Definitely a hoax. Like every ghost story ever, it’s worth no more than a box of used Ehlek joints.


This was the original reddit post:

This might just be the best burn I’ve ever heard. Definitely going to steal it borrow it.