Videogame Enemies

Some drawings of enemy concepts for a hypothetical game.

If anyone has an idea for a strange enemy, I’d be happy to listen and try them out.


If Asparagoose was a Pokemon, I’d make it my starter.


The Asparagoose is the greatest thing ever :joy:!

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Thanks, it was actually my friend’s idea.


Signchild is my spirit animal.

These are hilarious, especially signchild! I feel like that’s a reference to something, but I kinda doubt it.

Thumbs up.

I came up with it on my own, but his outfit is inspired by Pokey from Earthbound.

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Man, these are so funny and cool!

not the only thing inspired by earthbound from the looks of things.

Pfsh good sir I haven’t the faintest idea

These are weird.
I like them.

Very neat, creative designs. I love the look of the Slimy Antlion and Robutterfly.

This reminds me of…

Signchild is an easy 11/10.

WouldStop That again.