A unique Youtuber that post gameplay in a profound way.

I’m not a subscriber to him but I only heard of him from people ripping-off his catchphrase to this day. :house_abandoned: aka, League of Legends gameplay


Gotta love his Overwatch content.

He presents good points, in a well worded manner with jokes and a silly voice. He appears to have played a lot of video games, over a long time. His video’s entertain, enlighten, and are just amazing (Subjectively, like this whole thing (Don’t worry, I’m not telling you what to think (I like brackets))).

Just look at his latest video.

This video has no words and it is still good.

In conclusion, Spaghetti and Meatballs…


I’m Done with League of Legends.
Only video of his I’ve watched.
Unless you count this:

But this is the MagikarpUsedFly parody so Idk if it counts

but keyori did it second

“Now let’s add just a dash of grape juice”

Oh look, dunkey made a video defending PotR to Overwatch

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Best dunkey video yet.

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I’m not subscribed to him, but I did enjoy his Soulsborne videos. Highlights include

“Keep Rollin rollin rollin rollin…”

“Thank You Dark Souls.”

“…but stand back, cause I’m gonna do it again.”

Also I get a kick out of the possibility that he didn’t know about kindling bonfires for 5 years. But that’s assuming that wasn’t just a joke for the Dark Souls Remastered videos.

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Video removed for violating MB rules- Prentice1215

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