Videos Evocative of The 2001 Teasers

Whether for MOC’s or other projects, has anyone made videos meant to emulate the feel of the old Mata commercials that were made for each Toa?
For clarity’s sake, I am talking about these:

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Vrahno is pretty good by trying to replicate the animation vibe.

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That video is freaky as heck, to put it mildly. That being said, I’d say that it encapsulates 2001 pretty well.

Tohkann is also famous for this.

This video, while very different stylistically, were mind-blowingly amazing as a series of home-grown animations when I first saw them as a little kid on BZPower - I must have been something like eight or nine. Amazing work, and definitely very good at pulling you into a trance like those ads that you linked to.