Vinyl records

I can’t be the only collector here. Some that I’m proud to own are Styx’s pieces of eight, the Monkees self titled, and Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire compilation.

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I, uh, have Wonderful Wonderful by the Killers on record.

Pieces of Eight is pretty good, I have a bunch of Styx records.

I have a modest collection of about 130. Still feels pretty small though.

Added a little more since then but at the moment my friend has them all while I’m living overseas.

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I have like less than ten lol. I hope to kinda pick it up more once I get better cymbals for my drum kit but I did buy two today

When I was a teenager I would go to the thrift store and find ones for usually 1 or 2 bucks, then my friend and I started traveling to a record store farther away and my budget started going up to 10. Now that I had a job and stuff I was buying brand new copies for $20+. Well, anyways, point being, it never hurts to start building up your collection with used ones.

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You mean like reissues? H*ck no i only buy original copies

Even old copies are bound to be some sort of old re-pressing unless you’re planning on shelling out tons of money on someone else’s used original copy

Lol the pieces of eight I got is an original I found it for five bucks, whereas a reprint would probably be st least 20

Once again, an old pressing is not the same as original. Just sayin. Actual first issues can go for a lot more than $5.

The date on it says 1978

Look up the code on the side. That will be more indicative.

I got Led Zeppelin’s debut as stated in the look what I just got topic. It’s a reissue (Columbian House club edition… not sure what that means😂) but it sounds like an original. I really like it

Well from looking it up they aren’t editions that sound that great. But just so you know vinyl isn’t supposed to sound ancient, even old ones can sound clear as day and as it could sound as if you were hearing it as an mp3/CD. It all just comes down to the pressing and how much it’s been previously played.

Ah ok. Well I like how it sounds either way


This is hot

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My mom bought Beyonce’s Lemonade vinyl to give to my cousin for Christmas. Honestly, I’m kind of amazed that they still make/sell vinyls.

They’ve been getting increasingly popular with each year ever since they made a real comeback in like, 2008.

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I’ve got “Raw Spouge” by the Drayton’s Two. It was pressed in Barbados in 1973. It has been called the only pure spouge album, and I’m proud to have something from West Indies Records Limited.

I got a relative of mine the limited edition shrek soundtrack

And also hid a panic at the disco record in there too, but no one cares about that except for them