Viper MOC! All Hail Zaktan!

So the other day I got Matau Metru in the mail with the intention of making a Viper MOC... and here she is! Viper!

Please note that she is basically a heavily modded Matau Metru, like I said before. I added on a few gold system pieces I had lying around due to my lack of gold Bionicle pieces. I also covered up most, if not all, of the holes in the Matau Metru set.

Here's a look at them blades.

I took off the weapons and added Viper's form in Pjango's TTV spin-off (which he hasn't made in months, but who can blame him? I haven't made a youtube video in a year!)

Closer look at the chestplate design. Side view. Like I said, I covered up the technic holes. Also, I took an armor piece from Ogrum to provide coverage on the upper legs.

Back view. I decided to keep the gear function from Matau for some reason. There's also a holster for Viper's weapons. (To Eljay, there IS a fix for the Metru gear function. You just need to use the larger gear found on the Toa Mata.)

Closer view of Viper's back.

The weapons... not sure what to call them (Staffs? Pikes? I dunno.) in their holsters.

Comparison with Eljay and Taryukyo.
"She's small, but by god she will cut you up worse than... Idk." - Venom


Pretty good MOC, but the torso seems a bit too bulky, especially in the stomach region. The holsters on the back look sortw weird. The rest is good, although a bit more spreading the gold color might add to her (then again I suppose it's concentrated on the torso for reference to Zaktan?)


My collection of gold pieces is quite limited, so I'm not exactly sure what else I could have done, given the limitations.

Yay! Weapon storage!

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