Viral: Corrupted AI, Humane Android


once part of a super AI made for a defense network, Viral became fragmented from her 'brothers'. However, of the 3-4 fragments, she was one of reason, calmness and without strong negatives, although they all functioned normally. Eventually she gained her own body, but by now, her brothers are either missing or dismantled. Does not mean she can continue enjoying her life as a feelancing tech girl. Although just because she's ordinary doesn't mean some can just walk up to her and flirt or attack without her whipping out her electron sword, plasma assault rifle or her sheild

Note: Her face is the CCBS plate and the part of the Waspix head with the pins. She is no cyclops and the crest and mandibles are hair. Also I know she doesn't flow well. Just wanted to finish her


This thing, it's pretty cool...

The torso needs some work...can't really say how, but it looks a bit plain compared to the rest of his body...maybe take out the Inika shoulder and use other pieces to make distinguishable pec and ab armor?

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Eh, legs don't look too good, torso is eh, especially with that Inika armour on the back, that looks out of place, but the head is pretty cool, using Waspix's head upside down.

In my eyes, this MOC's colour distribution is great. Unfortunately that's where it ends with me.
There is almost nothing innovative about the build. The technic, CCBS and silver Bionicle parts sections all have a very different look to each other and really don't mesh well. (especially on the back), the head being just the upside down mask looks lazy - nothing has been added to make it unique as a character. The armour on the crotch being wider at the bottom throws off the shaping of its hips, the arms and legs are incredibly basic, and the chest armour projecting higher than the shoulders looks pretty bad too. I'm not a fan of the exposed pinholes on the thighs either. Maybe if you tried to focus more on the look of one component and repeated that a bit more the MOC would be a little more cohesive?


Ultron Viral looks pretty cool! I like his color scheme, too! :smiley:

But there's nothing really innovative about its build. /s

the build is really meh,
those thighs are painful.
I'm really not feelin' it.

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Someone made her thighs out of swiss cheese. It feels a bit weird when the legs are fully technic yet the arms are CCBS.

Eh... My creativity's running low, and I'm more about finishing MOCs again rather than trying to be good or anything...

I really like the color scheme. I typically don't like a mostly gray color scheme, but the yellow makes it work.

Hrrmmmmmm.... It's kind of blocky and plain. And disproportionate.
It is yellow tho.

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
The upper part of the leg and shield though is lackluster.