Viridieus, Dragonprincess of the Eternal Star

Man, i haven’t posted anything in months since my camera phone died. Well, since i garnered a new camera phone, i decided that i would post something to commemorate it.

So, without further ado, here is Viridieus!

Also, here is her inherited weapon, the multiform fusion blade known as The Star’s Edge!

Viridieus, is a force to be reckoned with, with or without her weapons.

I do hope you people enjoy the Moc and if you want more pictures/pictures of mocs feel free to make a request!


Cool. Pun intended.

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whats a dragonprincess

what are those wings

also i never saw this character is star wars

the world may never know


She’s byoutiful.

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Alot of exposed ball-joints and the lower jaw need some work.

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It’s like Chi Eris and Chi Vardy had a baby and then threw it in Protodermis

a really cool moc. and that weapon ! its awesome!

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As far the jaw goes i can fix that, but the exposed ball joints i don’t have the parts to fix sorry.

@Rockho It’s hard to tell whether your trying to criticize my creation or insult me please elaborate.

@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air Thanks for the compliment but, her affinity is with azure flame or azure Flare as i like to call it.


1: A Dragonprincess is the daughter of the Dragon King & Queen.

2: They are wings of the Flare, not many dragons are born with them, but they let her fly faster with more grace.

3: I get why you asked this but, it technically isn’t a Lightsaber, it is a legendary multiform fusion weapon. I just used lightsaber pieces in the design.

4: Now hopefully the world knows (hopefully including you too.)

And lastly, thanks for the questions!

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It’s a monstrous humanoid bird with the colour scheme of Chi Eris and the lankiness/icy element of Chi Vardi. It’s a cool premise, but the build leaves much to be desired (exposed ball joints, awkward CCBS bone wings, etc). I love the head though.

the weapon is neat

I really like this thing. It is just groovy man/women.

The one real complaint I have, are those exposed ball-joints on the lower legs.

The wings could also use some more color… But it isn’t a huge problem.

Why does the name sound like a Yu-Gi-Oh Card?

also you are New-ish here @Tenarren
but you have Doubled posted

just copy the text into the other comment
then remove the copy of it

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MOC is a bit cluttered, but man that sword is gooood.


I got to say this looks good.
Though yeah the ball joints are exposed and it’s kind of distracting.

The MOC itself looks really well done, but I feel like with all the arms, the MOC looks a bit too cluttered.

Interesting, but looks a little cluttered

I have a bit of an update for you guys, I figured i would try to alleviate some issues regarding the “bony wings” and “exposed ball joints”. Also @GIF_Man_Ben She’s a female dragon, thus the title “Dragonprincess” thanks for the compliments and critique though!

I apologize for the graininess of the photos, it’s the only camera i have at the moment.