Viridy (Albus update #5)

After a few attempts I finally succeded in making female proportions.

She was built as a side-kick to Albus (Yet another update on Albus (4)).

Her arsenal is compsed of two Nunchuck-Knife Hybrids.

Her back is rather tehnic-y for a very simple reason:

To make her stand out from my other MOCs, I decided to make her a set of simple wings.
The wingset also comes with a sword.


Its kinda messy in colors but the torso is pretty solid, though I’d say you should change the way the arms are connected, it looks awkward with the arms not being able to rest flat against the body.
The wings could really use some work though.

This looks pretty good. Though the picture quality could be better.

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It’s good, I just wish the photo quality was better.

were you on a plane when you took these photos
and was there a turbulence to boot

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Those are some blurry pics

Those weapons are pretty cool.