Visorak Sentinels

Hola, TTV Community
I've never posted any of my MOCs online before so I've been looking a little while for a nice board to start cataloging my stuff. I was told by my friend about this site and now I'm excited to be a part of the community here!

So here's the MOC I'm going to be posting as my first ever online MOC. I only build in original Bionicle parts and new Technic parts. Personally I'm not a large fan of CCBS but I'm growing to appreciate it more thanks to the ridiculous talent I see on this site. However for now I only build in the parts I've built with since I was a kid because I like the aesthetic of them.

This blue friend is named White Fin by me and I guess in-universe I've never made a name for it. Probably should be Boggarak IV, I guess.

Basically my idea behind it is that I abstractly have created a universe where the Toa never turned to Visorak, as normal, but they were defeated multiple times by Roodaka and placed back into their cocoons more than once before defeating her finally. I have made MOCs of the Toa from their extra-mutated forms but I don't like msot of them in their current state so I don't consider them complete yet.

Anyway, the story behind a giant bipedal Visorak with a sword is that I just imagined after many rounds of resets between the Toa and Roodaka the Visorak would be experimented on and mutated repeatedly as well. I ended up drawing a lot of inspiration, in concept, from the Sentinels that plague Marvel's X-Men in certain tellings of their story but I'm not much of a comic buff so I wouldn't know much past the idea of Sentinels (if they're even called that).

Oh yeah also... I've made two.

Again, I guess this should be called Vohtarak IV but I just call it Gold Fish because it's head was originally the older colour of gold.

Gold Fish here was actually the one I made first before I inherited a handful of sets from my friend who was trying to sell his old collection. Anyway, I realized Gold Fish was made up of three major sets and a lot of Technic: Maxilos and Spinax, Twilight Takanuva, and the original Makuta set.

Two-and-a-half years since Gold Fish's first form was made and I'm finally content with both of them. There are a lot of things I know I can do much better, like the look of the feet as a whole and the business of the lowest part of the legs but for my first titans I think I'm done. Eventually I feel like I've got to stop and just improve on a different MOC from the start instead.

I am very proud of the silhouette they have because it originally caused me a lot of problems. I really badly, from the beginning, wanted to mimic the proportions of the Elite from Halo Reach. I've always been intrigued by bipedal creatures with four knees or whatever, like werewolfs usually.

Obviously wieght with a big round torso is a problem but I believe the way I built up the parts past the "upper-hips" helped a lot. In fact I'm pretty sure upper torso can be considered hollow.

I can take off their arms and legs fairly easily so I did that in case anybody's interested in how I made them. 'Not particularly proud of them on their own but they are sturdy and the two on whole are very pose-able if not on my slidey laminate shelves.

What was pretty important to me was that they were both pretty yolked on the whole. So their arms are heavier than I'd like but still are light enough to be useful.

I also don't have anywhere with particularly nice lighting and especially not a special camera beyond my phone's. So sorry about the lighting and the grain.

Ew, those feet.

Finally their weapons, the launchers do work but I don't have them carry their rip-cords.

I'm sure I'm a little too long-winded but I guess I have a lot to say after never posting for so long. Please let me know if you have any constructive criticism because I'm always looking to improve and now I get the chance to have productive feedback. Thank you all, it's nice to meet you.


They're a bit messy, but their size is impressive! I especially enjoy the sword weapon.

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These mocs are very impressive! TI love the leg design and the colours, they look very imposing. They are a little messy but I don't think that it detracts from the mocs too much.
Also welcome to the message boards, I think you'll like it here and I can't wait to see more of your mocs!

Oh. My. God. How long did these take to make?!

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@MaskmakerOfLight The sword I'm proud of but I'm not sure what type of sword it is, broad or long or whatever.

Thank you guys for your comments and especially thank you to @Mr_sp00k for the welcome.
@Radiation-7901, the first time I completed Gold Fish about 2.5 years ago it took me two-ish weeks of returning from highscool and building between homework and work. Copying it later for White Fin was fairly quick but I've spent a recent two weeks re-designing them to fix their center of balance.

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Thank you, @Waj

@Hutere, @BBricks, @Zero, @Yveran, @Lord_Tuma, @JMP,
What I gather from your comments, of which I appreciate:

@AwesomeJoel27, I'm glad you like the style. I guess there isn't as much of a following of exclusive-old-gen as I thought but that's alright. Thanks for the welcome.

@Genericon, I still think they look goofy but I'm glad you like them.

@Joe, I agree very much, they're grossly messy. But I don't have CCBS parts and my preferred medium is old-gen and all-technic and I like the challenge of making things work the old way.

@Ultimate_TChalla, I laughed for a long time when I realized I could make a second one. Then I made it and laughed a lot more. It was fun. 'Still am researching if it'd be feasible for me to make a third one, preferably green as the accent.

@Xing1870, @Dragon_Ben, @Bionic.T.B, @Tobin-Bartram
Thank you guys so much! There's so much support on this site, it's awesome.

@Thr33n, it's definitely the coulour scheme, both metru red and the gold pop off of the massive grey blob better than silver and metru blue do.

@ThatchMac, it's nice to hear someone appreciate G1 past how busy it looks. Thanks so much, man.

@legomaster1378, thanks for the welcome! It's good to realize I don't need a perfectly lighted studio to take pictures of my MOCs, thanks for the heads-up!

@LoganMcOwen, I think I've learned a lot from finally finishing my first large MOCs. Definitely the biggest challenge I'm going to have with my style of G1 only is going to be coherent shaping.

@Sushiyoda, @demfem86, thank you guys for the praise, it's a kind of encouragement I haven't had before posting on this board. And, @cmt123, dude, probably only less than 2000 because their chests are mostly hollow; I can't wait until I pull them apart eventually and my grey bins become absolutely filled.


These are spectacular for their size.

Holy Mata Nui, these are awesome. My only problem would be the legs for both, the knees jut out too much.

woah. very impressive. welcome to the boards.

Actually, I could see these as the actual Gate Guardians, with this being their true, cloaked form.

These look amazing, especially considering their size.

These are so huge oh my gosh
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they're big

messy, but big

EDIT Maybe you could fix the Aesthetic by either stripping some parts off or bulking it up with more cohesive/larger pieces, but I get if people like the look of it


Nice to see some old style "super" titans!

Welcome to the boards!


I didn't think it was physically possible to make a visorak shell a humanoid head. Fantastic work!


While they have a great scale to them, the overall design is extrely messy. I'd recommend swapping out a few armor bits along the limbs for larger CCBS shells just to make things a bit cleaner.

Those are some big mocs. What's even more impressive is the fact that you made two of them!

I love this, and the fact thay you made two is that much more amazing.

The scale and overall appearance of these things is just great.

(I am puking rainbows right now) Both of these are awesome! White Fin looks cool but Gold Fish really steals the show. I dunno wheather it's the colour scheme or what.

Pretty cool

Yeah they are messy, but ALL MOCs using an abundance of G1 parts are. These MOCs are stunning. Really great shaping. Fantastic job!