Visorak Vohtarak

Based on a prototype Visorak model and made back in May as a part of collab between me, Leonid An, Cezium and Red.

Source on Flickr


Welcome to the Boards, Ivan! It’s nice having you here with us!


Is that a knockoff piece I see?

In all seriousness though, this is great. I’ve never actually seen those prototypes before.


this looks phenomenal, great use of the tentacle pieces and the bohrok shell, the joints in the legs look very realistic, very well done!

This gives me a cool idea, I love the pincers and the eyes.

I love seeing these from you.

Seems to me like a weird species of ant. A dinosaur ant of the amazons. Almost tremor-ish kind of creature, mainly because of the pincers. When I was a young lad, I didn’t have visoraks, so I used the bohrok pieces to mess around and build my own critters. We seem to share the same view. The Rothuka Spinner is it prensible? Good job, never liked insects, but I like yours.