Any else wonder what other type of these spider like rahi are out there, or why they have such small front legs in the set?

Instead of a rhotuqa spinner (pardon spelling) he is equipped with a venom stinger and I am still working on the colors, the black connector on the back legs will be the merry blue mirroring the front as well as the claws black on all four feet.


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This is a good Visorak revamp, much better than the original.

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Thanks that means a lot, still would you happen to know why the from legs were so small?

They probably had smaller front legs because it looks better visually, these super long front legs just look kind of silly to me.


The smaller front legs look weird, and I used longer front legs to give the body a more centered look.

Its a good upgrade, I question the changing of the mandibles and the thornaxx launcher would fit a scorpion but not a spider IMO.

Probably so that the back was easier to raise upwards to use the spinner.
It is a strange thing isn’t it.

Yes and I went more for a scorpion look.