Vitaeya: Fiery Soul

Vitaeya is seldom seen around the desert docks on New Spherus Magna, but then, she’s seldom seen anywhere.

Due to her armour being largely black, Vitaeya is often mistaken as belonging to the Onu tribe of earth, but in fact she is originally of the Ta fire tribe.

Though nearly as tall as a Toa, Vitaeya is without any real elemental powers, reflected in her powerless mask.

Given her relative solitude, Vitaeya has spent some time studying the Servo-Actuated Loaders that are often seen around the Bara Magnan desert docks.

Vitaeya is solitary, and often appears quiet, but to her close friends, she is a spirited and personable being who makes for a firm and caring friend.


sees perfect feminine torso

By jove he’s got it!!!

[quote=“ProfSrlojohn, post:2, topic:50295”]
By jove he’s got it!!!
[/quote]I have to admit, getting the right kind of feminine was my big challenge with this build. I wanted it to be noticeably, but not hyper-sexual. I’m very glad you think I’ve pulled it off :slight_smile:


Having made it a mission to do this with as few pieces as possible, I love it when people make a good looking one. If you scroll back in the lego creations sections, most of my posts feature a character with my current design. Though, after seeing this, I might have to change it. :sweat_smile:

This design isn’t too parts intensive, but it would take substantially more than what I can see of your design. I like how you’ve done things, and being frugal with parts can be good. I was planning to do an unarmoured photo of Vitaeya at some point, which will show off the major structural elements of the torso, if you wanted to give this build a go

Please do. I love seeing inside builds. so I can steal them so I can see other people’s solutions.

I’ll post the exposed photos here later on. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with how I mounted the chestplate while retaining torso articulation

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One of the best female designs out there, subtle but very defined, the leg design is pretty cool, very solid armouring too.

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Mask doesn’t quite fit, but great job! Pretty slick

The original intention was to use my red Kakama, but alas it seems lost to the mists of time

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Ate those shoulder beams attached by anything other than the ball joinys?

Nice work! You pulled off the feminine torso perfectly, and it’s much better than I’ve ever been able to build. As for the mask, I like how it looks (you can never go wrong with a Kakama :stuck_out_tongue:).

The shoulders are double-jointed with the two balljoints - it’s a great way to get extra articulation

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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