Vitalis Toa of Lightning

Not much to say about this one, I suppose I could type out a bio but I'm not sure how interesting that would be.

I wasn't sure what colour Toa of Lightning were so I went with green because the effect parts I have are green, oh well cant know everything.

There would have been more pictures but my light blew out


Toa of lightning are blue and white. Personally, I like to throw in some yellow as well.

As far as the MOC goes, the simple limbs work alright, but the torso 's the star of the show here. The nuva chest armor over the roboriders head might be a little overkill as far as bulk is concerned, but I like what you're going for. Would suggest finding a mask that better matches the rest of the color scheme, though.

I could have worked with that a little better, well not to late to revamp it, have these parts in blue aswell.

Yea It does seem bulky in these pictures though in hand its barely noticeable, as for the mask it was going to be a Metru green noble Matatu but it didn't exactly fit where the Hau did.

Though don't get the wrong Idea I greatly appreciate the input.

Glad to help, and have fun with the revamp! I look forward to seeing it.

I don't really care for canon colors, but I think you should increase the amount of trans-neon-green to give it a bit more flash. I like the protrusions on the back and the gunmetal armor. I also agree the mask should be changed, it's color sticks out too much, do you have a silver Hau? Overall this is a very nice MOC.

I had the same idea but unfortunately I had trouble finding more trans-neon parts. And no I never got a silver Hau, oh well.

still thank you.

This is very cool!