Vitos, Toa of Ice

This is a simple little MOC I threw together in my free time. Nothing much but I thought it turned out cool.

EDIT: I shouldn’t even have to go over this, SHES NOT A REFRIGERATOR!!! I know it looks like one but that’s not the intention!!! It’s armour is meant to resemble blocks of ice. Notice how I also used the Ice Pick pieces throughout it as well as using various spikes to represent ice shards. Just… it’s not a fridge…


I really like the slope pieces, I just wish he had more on his arms. I’m not kidding when I saw him my first thought was, oh cool a fridge! I’m so sorry.

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No offense taken. He’s supposed to be weird and armored. I took inspiration from the old Apple Computers when making this


He’s like a refrigerator transformer :stuck_out_tongue:

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:joy: someone else said that too

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does he have a face…?

Naw. Just a thing with a eye (I suck at custom heads)

how is this a toa
just asking


The armour does look a bit weird and while i understand the inspiration, it may have helped to vary it a little on the main body so it didnt look like he could condense into a fridge or something…

Kool build

Thanks for not saying it looks like a fridge (just read the other comments)

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No problem

I am so sorry for starting the fridge meme. Just wanted to say that he looked cool. And that the slope pieces are really a unique build for a bonkle to have. All in all 9/10 needs more slopes. I really need sleep.

It’s all good (it’s actually entertaining to see all these people saying it’s a fridge)
I need some rest too. My time it’s like 1:30 AM