I think of this guy as some sort of advanced vahki model from another timeline or something I 'unno.




For somehow I missed that my hand was in the last one.

This was just a generic robot MOC, inspired mostly by the skells in Xenoblade X.


looks a little bizarre and effeminate. Almost mistook this for a MOC by a certain someone but I won't bring em up. Nice mech I guess

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Dang, someone beat me to a Skell MOC....

Thinking of it in that way, this looks great! It looks pretty solid and the color blocking is interesting.

That stand is also really nice!

@JMP I know the guy you mean.

This guy looks great. The movable shoulder thingies and the stumpy feet look really cool.

I really like this moc! nice job man :smile:

Weird, but it does look like a sleeker futuristic Vaki, so it's good.
@War_of_the_Worlds, I needs feet though.

Yeah, ditto, thought it was a new frame for a second there. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, looks great, not too big of a fan of the turbine rings on the arms but other than that, this is great

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
Though it's lower legs look awkward.

It has feet, they're just small. They're supposed to blend into the legs, like the player characters from Spiral Knights.