Vladek: The Dark Lord (Revamp)

Original set:

Thoughts and CC are highly appreciated!


Hrm… I dunno… His neck is a bit long, and the shoulder armor juts out too far from the upper arm compared to he lower arm. The legs on the other hand, are fantastic! It also shows that two builders can come up with the same design separately at the same time. I’ve used that upper leg design on a MOC no one outside of the Bionicle Eternal crew has seen.


I can pose it lower, that isn’t really an issue.

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Fair enough. The leg design correlation is what interests me.

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The neck seems a bit long. But other than that, this is really good!


Not a fan, honestly. The neck proves to be too long, and the torso is nothing to write home about.
In fact, I find the torso rather ugly. He looks to have a small potbelly to me when it is like that, and seeing the much more armored lower legs makes it even more noticeable how tiny the lower torso.
The arms don’t appear to have much room to move, either, due to the cauldron connection, which is a strike. Due to this, his poses you made make him look uncomfortable and cumbersome, as well as just lanky.

Not a very well done revamp, sorry. If anything, I think the original visually looked better, even if it was so blocky.


Could you please give us more photos

Ok… But is there anything you can appreciate about the MOC?

Legs are nicely built. That’s all I can say.


The neck is a bit long and the torso looks small compared to the rest of the moc. Also the spikes on the sword pommel should be rotated, they look odd. Those legs look very solid though.

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How’s this?

Is this better?

Yes! Much better!


@legomaster1378, I know you have been watching this topic, what is your opinion on this MOC?

I meant rotate the connector piece so the spikes are in line with the blade edge, but yeah the neck looks better.

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Like this?


Nice revamp!

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Yup, looks much better, the axis of the blade should always line up with secondary blades, otherwise the bottom sticks out.

  • I’m digging those legs
  • Nice use of the tattered cape (is that from Vezon?)
  • Honesly, my biggest issue right now is with the shoulders. They’re extremely wide (the torso is almost twice as wide as it is tall).How about trying to find a different connection method for those shoulder pads? And would you happen to have the spikey year 3 shoulder pads in black or dark red? They would tie the spiky aesthetic together nicely
  • I’m not a huge fan of the forearms. How about using a smoother piece that fits better with the KKII parts?
  • Finally, I highly recommend varying your posing much more. It will add so much more life and energy to the character. Have him lunging, or standing en garde, or even just relaxed with his legs spread slightly apart like he is on the official box art.
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No, it’s the one that came with CHI Sir Fanger:

I have thought about that. I do have those pieces, but not in either black or dark red.

Which one are you referring to?

Perhaps Piraka lower limbs.