Vladin's new weapons

Venom: I will destroy the world!

Vladin: Don’t be so sure!

Venom:Ha! Vladin! Do you really think you can defeat me?

Vladin: I am not here to defeat you.
Venom I am the most… What?

Vladin: You have something that I want.
Venom: What? The car? The house?

Vladin: No, the green Infinity Stone!

Venom: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you really think that I will give you the stone?

Mirciulix: No, I think this!

Venom:Mirciulix? B… Boss?
Vladin: What?

Mirciulix: Exactly! So give us the Infinity Stones!

Mirciulix: Or I will shot your face and take your house!

Vladin: Language!

Venom:But I don’t want…

Mirciulix: Look, because you are the employer of the month, I will give you three seconds!

Mirciulix: One…

Mirciulix: …2…

Mirciulix: Sorry, you have only two seconds!

Vladin: Mirciulix! You killed this guy!

Mirciulix: No I don’t, he immortal.

Vladin: And my stone?

Mirciulix: Oh yeah! Use it fats, I want to destroy this things.

Mirciulix: Hey look! Now because we take the infinity stones, Ven became normal again!
Mirciulix: Bleah… Disgusting…

Venom: Ohh… My head…

Do you know why Vladin wanted the stones? Because he wanted a power source for his new weapons!

Vladin’s Electrosword.

Vladin’s Double Blaster.

Mirciulix: So much power!!!