Vlora, The Lancer

Some time ago I started a moc based solely around a single pieces: The Dragon Bolt head. My goal was to use such a piece as torso armor, something which I hadn’t seen done yet, at least not on a typical toa-like moc. Last December I finally finished that moc. (2017 was a slow year for me, next to no motivation to build).

I present Vlora, The Lancer.

With Vlora, I wanted to make a Vo-Toa, as I’ve always loved their color scheme, however I also added the Trans-Lime Green as a tribute to Surge, my favorite character from HF. I will always associate TLG as a tertiary color to the canon Lighting color scheme, as the way it so easily catches light feels like mocs with that color are brimming with power.

Vlora is my first attempt at a custom torso of my own design. Many of my other mocs build off of torso designs that have been shared among the community, however my use of the Dragon Bolt piece meant I needed to come up with my own design. In the future I’d like to improve upon it, but for right now I’m content.

The hands are the typical mixel design, however the use of minifig limbs for the fingers are heavily inspired by Bobthedoctor’s frequent use of them. (Many stormtroopers gave their limbs for this moc).

As for Vlora’s glaive, my reasoning behind the copper blade piece is quite simple. Copper’s an excellent conductor of electricity, second only to silver. Think it makes sense for a Vo-toa to use copper or copper infused weapons.

Short Background:
A Vo-Toa formerly in service to the Hand of Artakha, Vlora now travels the southern isles of the MU, striking down evil from atop her hoverboard.

Vlora is well known amongst certain groups for her signature Lightning Spear combo. Charging her Glaive with pure electricity, the Vo-Toa is able to send it flying at her opponents from afar, only to then utilize her Mask of Rebounding to have it return with ease.


So yeah, that’s about it. set out with an idea in mind, and I saw it to completion. Let me know what ya think.

Some wip pictures of Vlora.

I will eventually make her a custom cloak, as she looked good with it, but it limited her poseability a lot.


Regal, cool, Kokokokokokooooooo!!!
Like the color scheme

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That looks really great

The colorscheme here is really great! Good use of the kopaka uniter mask with the neon bright green. I feel like the white spikes on the chest look a little out-of-place, and the black robot hands on the leg armor stand out and look a bit awkward. Overall, however, this is a really cool MOC!

If you want, I have a leg design that you might be able to use for the lower legs that shouldn’t be too hard to implement; I just haven’t figured out how to properly connect armor to the back of it.

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Unfortunately this moc is currently on the 2018 Convention circuit, so I won’t see it back till about December.


Sweet colors! Very striking, and the proportions are exemplary.The dragon head looks like this is what it was designed to do.
For what it’s worth, I like her better without the cape!

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Digging the look of it, but the color blocking confuses me.

I presume it’s the inclusion of the TLG that confuses you?

No, i mean It looks like its blue- white- green. But on some things is white on blue, then green on white and vice versa.

Ah… true. Admittingly I wanted to keep it White on Green, but unfortunately my stock of white was running low.

Ah, i understand. Hope you get to fix that eventually, m8

Very, very good MOC. The color scheme is top notch - you don’t often see that combo together but it works great here. And I really like the weapon as well.

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Good build.
Nice details.
Good color scheme… God! One piece! Why is the sword red?
Jokes aside, this is a very good moc. I really like it, but change that sword. It would be much better with a gray sword! 9,5/10

Indeed it isn’t one you see very often, which surprises me. G1 White and Blue were the colors for lightning, and in Hero Factory Blue and Green, with some white on occasion, were the colors for Lightning.

As I explained in the initial post, there is a reason for the blade of the Glaive being “Copper” and the reason for that is copper is the best conductor of electricity, second only to silver which isn’t nearly as viable of an option.

You would put the gray piece and say that it is silver, but if you want to have the “copper” piece, then add more red in the body, like a stud here, a small piece there.

But silver is nowhere near as durable of a conductor as Copper. And I do not believe a weapon has to be the same color as the figure. I mean how often did we see toa in G1 whose weapons were silver despite them having no ounce of silver on them? Or even G2, we saw Pohatu have a gunmetal gray boomerang, despite having no gunmetal on him.

Also it’s not red, it legitimately copper. It’s from the last wave of Ninjago.



how did you get that mask?
I wasn’t aware it came in any sets.
Anyways, good moc! The colors work really well, and the poses and lighting really do this Moc justice. Good job, and keep it up!


That mask came with the G2 Storm Beast.

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Very nicely done! Clever torso design!

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I love this.

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